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45 of the Sassiest Instagram Captions For Spring Season

45 of the Sassiest Instagram Captions For Spring Season

It is now spring, which means the flowers are blooming; the birds are chirping, and the weather is great! It also means that it’s time to come up with spring Instagram captions for all your lovely spring photos.

Spring Instagram captions aren’t the same as regular Instagram captions. They are full of life and speak to everything that is happening around you during the spring.

Why not share this feeling with your Instagram followers?

Here are 45 of the sassiest Instagram captions that will embody the theme of spring and help give your post a bit of pizazz. Let’s take a look:


10 Spring Instagram Captions About Nature

During spring, the snow starts to melt, and flowers begin to blossom; the animals also return to scurry about. It is still a bit chilly at night, but there are sunny days with excellent weather that make it worth going outside.
Nature in the spring is much different than it is during the winter, fall, or summer seasons. Here are 10 spring Instagram captions about nature to portray what you are seeing and feeling:

01Spring sunshine is without a doubt the best medicine that nature gives to us! You should bask in it while it lasts! #spring #nature #sunshine


wheat field green grass sunshine
Photo by Rafael Macedo on unsplash


02Things may seem tough right now, but nature teaches us that we can’t have a rainbow without a few drops of rain! #springtime #love #nature


03When things seem hopeless, you should plant a garden. It gives you hope for tomorrow. #garden #flower #hope


04It’s simple: when there is no rain, there are no flowers. I must have flowers! #flowers #sun #rain #spring


bug insect spring dew leaf

Photo by Pixabay under pexels license


05There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of growing things – silence. That is why I love the spring. #springtime #flowers #sunshine


06Flowers don’t worry about growing bigger or faster than the ones beside them. They just blossom and so should you. #spring #naturelover #beauty


07My grandmother told me that the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of yesterday. What will you plant today? #blossom #garden #naturelovers #gardengnome


08The funny thing is that the flower doesn’t wait for the bee. Instead, the flower blossoms, and the bee comes after. #naturelessons #blossom #flowers


focus pink cherry blossom butterfly

Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on unsplash


09If a flower can teach itself how to blossom and thrive after a long winter, then so can you! #flowers #blossom #nature


10April showers bring May flowers! #nature #springtime #sunshine #rain</span>


10 Captions About Spring Outfits

Spring outfits are very lively and colorful. They symbolize the blossoming of flowers and the reawakening of the earth.
Your spring outfits have been in the closet for a year now, and it is finally time to break out those blazers! You can also dust off those stylish shoes and work the runway!
It’s time for the world to see them once more, and you can do this by starting with Instagram.
Here are 10 spring Instagram captions that you can use to talk about your spring outfits:

11I can finally wear my cute shorts now that the winter’s gone. If the spring were a person, I’d have to kiss him/her. #springoutfit #shorts #springtime


woman wearing pink printed crew neck t shirt and blue faded denim shorts lying on the floor

Photo by Daria Shevtsova under pexels license


12I’m having a bad hair day, but how do you feel about my Sunday’s best gear? #eastersunday #easter #spring


13I’m your rainbow on a cloudy day, and you can look at all my colors! #springcolor #spring #rainbow


14I think my wardrobe was specifically designed for #sunnydays. #spingoutfit #springmakeup #springphoto


man in white and gray shirt wearing sunglasses against yellow wall

Photo by Hamann La under pexels license


15The best thing about spring showers is the amazing selfies! #springmakeup #springfashion #springstyle


16We are living life to the fullest with wildflowers in our hair! #flowergirl #flower #spring


17A little wind won’t stop me from wearing my summer clothes, even if it’s a bit early. #summer #springfashion #springgirl


18This season puts a little spring in my step. I guess it’s because of all this flower power! #springfashion #springselfie #springishere


woman in black sweater standing on the sunflower field

Photo by Paige Cody on unsplash


19Spring is mother nature’s best outfit! #springflowers #blossoms #flowers


20I saved my best outfit for springtime! How’s it growing? #springmakeup #springlook #springstyle



11 Spring Instagram Captions About Vibes

Spring vibes are livelier than the long, sleepy winter vibes. You can finally go out again every day, without bundles of clothing. You enjoy time with your friends as nature awakens.
When you take pictures enjoying yourself or just chilling on a spring day, you’ll need some good spring Instagram captions to share how you are feeling with your followers.
Here are 11 spring Instagram captions that you can use to describe the vibes:

21Spring is here, which means it’s time for new beginnings with the ones I love the most. #springishere #springfun #spring[Year]


22You can crush the flowers, and you can trample the land; however, you can never stop the spring! Keep on springing! #springhassprung #spring


beautiful bloom dandelion sky
Photo by Matthias Zomer under pexels license


23I’ll be outside welcoming the sun. Spring’s here! #springishere #springweather #sunshine


24You can forget the rush. Sometimes in life, you need to stop and smell the roses! #nature #flower #springday


25We are good girls in the hot sun and having lots of fun!#sunshine #spring #nature


26We know the spring brings peace by the birds chirping, the wind howling, and the flowers blooming. #springvibes #chillvibes peace


green and white bird standing on branch with white flower

Image from Pixabay under pexels license


27To my ex: you can sit back and watch me blossom. I’m on spring time! #growth #instagood #happy


28I’m counting rainbows, not snowflakes. It’s finally spring! What a re-leaf! #springishere #springtime #rainbow



29I think spring is nature’s way of saying it is time to party. Well, if you don’t mind that I do! #springparty #springvibes #springfriends


30Seasons change; memories fade, but the good vibes can last forever. #springvibes #springtime #springparty


dessert table packed with fruity sweets berries cake cupcakes
Photo by Free Creative Stuff under pexels license


31Stop worrying about the storm that will pass. You can learn to dance in the rain instead! #spring #beauty #springday


8 Captions About Color of Spring

When someone talks about the colors of spring, they are referring to warm greens, warm yellows, orangey reds, peachy pinks, lavenders, and other similar colors.
Spring colors are the colors of flowers, trees, and animals. They also include the colors of the sky, water, and the land.
Here are eight spring Instagram captions that you can use to talk about the colors of spring:

32 The Earth paints with the colors of spring! #naturelover #springcolors #spring[Year] #greenlife


mountain assorted colored flower field

Photo by Mak on unsplash


33With a green glass, flip flops, and a tall glass, I’m waiting for summer. #springday #springstyle #springcolors


34I’m feeling mellow like yellow, ready like red, and just peachy! #springcolors #springmakeup #springselfie


35I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. I think to myself, what a wonderful world!


bouquet bunch of flowers flowers gift red roses

Photo by JÉSHOOTS under pexels license


36The grass isn’t greener because it’s better; it’s green because spring is here! #greengrass #lawn #springtime


37Sorry, I’m too busy taking care of my grass to worry if yours is greener. #spring #garden #springcare


38To earn its colors, every flower must go through a lot of dirt! #flowers #blossom #spring


cute little girl on pink shirt and glasses under cherry blossom tree

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on unsplash


39Gals, you can chase the treasures at the end of rainbows, not boys! #springmakeup #rainbow #springlove #spring


7 Captions About Food/Candy

With spring, there’s fresh produce, freshly-baked goodies, and colorful treats. If you feel like snapping a picture of your spring-time food for your followers, you can use any of these spring Instagram captions about food to really sell it:

40You’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt! Everyone loves free candy! #easter #egghunt #chocolate


two girls easter basket bunny band

Photo by Whitney Bilodeau on reshot


41My mom will get mad at this, but I think a balanced diet is one where you have equal amounts of chocolate in both hands!


42It’s Easter! I believe in chocolate for breakfast. #chocolateeggs #chocolatebunny #easterbunny


gray rabbit plush toy on brown nest photo with eggs

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on unsplash


43When life hands you lemons, you make some lemonade, and you can enjoy the spring weather! #lemonade #spring #springfood


44My favorite part about Easter is the fact that I can bite off someone’s head and find chocolate inside! #easterchocolate #bunny #chocolatebunny


45Easter is not only about chocolate, but it’s also about the big family dinners on Easter Sunday! #easterdinner #eastermeal #easterfood #eastersunday


pink rose and easter floral decorated eggs

Photo by Boba Jaglicic on unsplash


46I can’t pick between Easter and Halloween; I just love the free candy! #eastercandy #egghunt #chocolate



Spring is a time of rebirth. The earth has breathed life into nature once more, and things have started to become livelier.
You can breathe life into your Instagram feed with your amazing new spring pictures and captions!
You can use these wonderful spring Instagram captions to let your followers know exactly what you are experiencing. You can make them wish that their spring was as amazing as yours!