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60 Best Happy 40th Anniversary (Ruby wedding anniversary)

60 Best Happy 40th Anniversary (Ruby wedding anniversary)

Celebration your 40th anniversary means your marriage has passed the test of time already. From here on you both just need to enjoy every minute of yourselves as there is nothing more to prove and no trust to doubt, your hearts already beat as one.

Bask in the envious glances young couples throw at you and feel free to proffer advice or counsel to young adults when they come to you … they most likely will be your children.

If you will be celebrating your 40th anniversary or you know someone who is, you need a list of happy 40th anniversary and ruby jubilee messages you can use. Here they are:


Happy 40th Anniversary Messages For Your Wife


01“Not a lot of couples are ever this lucky to get married to their true love. I am happy I am among the lucky people. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by Mariamichelle – under CC0 license


02“Cheers, to my best friend and partner. I look forward to our platinum jubilee. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


03“Even the worst times in life were easy for me to overcome because I had you, my angel, by my side. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


04“Our lives spent together so far have been 40 years of pure bliss, joy, happiness, and fun. May our love never end. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


05“What a good team we make. I know we will remain this way for the next 40 years to come. Happy 40th anniversary my love.”


06“These past 40 years have been a breeze. Close your eyes and make a wish, open your eyes and watch me kiss you, the love of my life! Happy 40th anniversary.”


07“Yes, there were challenges along the way but, we crushed them all. Our remaining time together on earth can now be spent beautifully together. Happy 40th anniversary.”


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08“Through the years my heart has grown deeper and deeper in love with you. As we grow older you look more radiant. More radiant than the morning sunshine on a blessed day. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”



09“All the lights of a thousand stars cannot brighten my heart as you have done through the years. Happy 40th anniversary my angel.”


10“At times when I feel down and blue, you simply cuddle me with your sweet smile and tell me everything will be alright. And it always is. Thank you so much. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by andreahamilton264 – under CC0 license


11“We seem to make a spectacle to a lot of people. Can’t wait to surprise them when we celebrate our 50th anniversary. I will always love you. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


12“Anytime I feel blue, the happiness I seek lies in you. There is nothing I would not give up for your sake. I love you. Happy 40th anniversary.”


13“Make me happy by dancing with me cheek to cheek, I want to whisper to you what you have meant to me all these years. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


Photo by werner22brigitte – under CC0 license


14“You give me more reasons to fall in love over and over, after 40 years my heart still beats so fast I can hardly speak. Happy 40th anniversary.”


15“After 40 years I still find myself stealing glances at you. You are beautiful today, more than the first day I laid eyes on you. Happy 40th anniversary. I love you.”


16“So many things we have been through together. Great heights we have reached together. Happy 40 years of love, my darling.”


Photo by MabelAmber – under CC0 license


17“So today we have a very good reason to drink and celebrate till we are drunk. At least we would be doing it in jubilation. Happy 40th anniversary.”


18“As our ruby love grows into a golden one, we shall pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate us. You are the most beautiful wife I have ever met. Happy 40th anniversary.”



19“If there is anything these past 40 years of marriage has taught me, it is that no one can ever love me the way you do. Happy 40th anniversary to my one and only.”


Photo by viniciusemc2 – under CC0 license


20“After 40 years of being with you, the only thing I regret is not meeting you sooner. You make me happy with every passing day. I love you. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Happy 40th Anniversary Messages For Your Husband


21“We may not be very rich in material possession, but we are more than bountiful in marital grace. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary my dear.”


Photo by Noelle Otto – under CC0 license


22“Being in love with you makes life more wonderful than I could have ever imagined it being. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


23“I would have loved to write you a poem, but you know me, I’m bad with words. So I will whisper it to you instead. Let us celebrate our sweet anniversary.”


24“As red as a ruby, as red as the love we share. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to my love.”


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25“As we start a new phase in our lives today, I wish us more laughter than a baby, more cuddles than bear, and more colors than a rainbow. Happy 40th anniversary.”


26“Our marital bliss is really enviable. So is the joy and excitement we spread around. Happy 40th anniversary.”


27“Four decades of successfully being one with another person is a rare find. You are exceptional to me. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by marmax – under CC0 license


28“I hope our love remains forever fresh and blossoms every day. To my husband and my all, happy 40th anniversary.”


29“Seems like yesterday we exchanged our ‘I do’s’, now we are here partying to our endless love. Time just stops when we are together. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


30“Love cures a broken smile. We are a testimony to that. You give me a reason to be happy all year round. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


31“Our anniversaries just seem to be rolling in. We’ve passed the silver, pearl, and now the ruby jubilee. Let us look forward to our Golden Jubilee. Happy 40th anniversary.”



32“After all these years, we both still smile as one, forgive each other’s mistakes, and assist each other in being our best. Thank you. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


33“As we both cut our anniversary cake and share the wine, my wish is that we walk together for eternity. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by StockSnap – under CC0 license


34“How I always look forward to marching through the beat of life with you by my side every step of the way. We have nothing to worry about. Our love will see us through. Happy 40th anniversary.”


35“Together we have both formed a bond, unshakable with time, and unbreakable by any force. May we live our lives with more joy and jubilations. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


36“I believe we will continue to nurture our love to greater heights, one day at a time, until we celebrate again at our next anniversary. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by Olessya – under CC0 license


37“Thank God for adding another year to our list of jubilees. I’d like to see if you can out dance me on the dance floor – if you still have the moves. Happy 40th anniversary.”


38“The love we share is as precious as ruby, as flowing as water, and of the strongest bond ever known. Let’s enjoy our wonderful day in each other’s arms. Happy 40th anniversary.”


39“After another year spent together I wish you happiness and kisses on our ruby jubilee. Happy 40th anniversary.”


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40“When we first got married, my worry and fear was of what the future would bring us. They have faded over the years, and as our marriage clocks 40 today, new waves of gladness have flown in. Happy 40th anniversary to my best friend and husband.”


Happy 40th Anniversary Messages From Children/Family/Friends


41“You are an inspiration to me. I look at you two and I know I have hope in true love. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”


Photo by ÇETİN ULAŞ – under CC0 license


42“I am most definitely coming to you two for relationship counseling soon! You both make it seem really easy. Happy 40th anniversary.”


43“Your compatibility is one in a million, I’m sure you two complete each other’s sentences. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”



44“Spending more than 300,000 hours being in love with one person. If that’s not firm, strong and true love then I don’t know what is. Happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by Mike – under CC0 license


45“Brought together by love, kept together in love, what a rare combination you both are. Happy 40th anniversary”


46“Not a lot of love gets the fortune of being alive this long, un-quivering and un-fading. Happy 40th anniversary”


47“For every anniversary that passes you by, a door to another phase of your love opens. Seize any opportunity you both have and keep expressing to each other. Happy 40th anniversary”


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48“Forget the bad, remember the good, more rejoicing and love songs, more kisses and cuddly hugs. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to you two.”


49“You two are just never ending intertwined love birds, I don’t know where you stop and where she begins. Keep the love burning. Happy 40th anniversary to the best parents ever.”


50“To one of the oldest couples I have grown to respect and adore. Happy 40th anniversary”


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51“I used to think couples had to be perfect for their marriages to last. You both are not perfect but you have lasted this long. I am proud of you two. Happy 40th anniversary.”


52“I see the real meaning of selflessness in you two. The way you both put each other before your personal selves is nothing short of remarkable. Happy 40th anniversary.”


53“I hear congratulations are in order to one of the most remarkable couples I know. I wish you both a happy 40th anniversary.”


Photo by coombesy – under CC0 license


54“You two have learned to swerve and twist together and have stood the test of time – your deep love is inspiring. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary.”



55“You’ve found the secret recipe to happiness. I hope I also find it when I get married. Happy 40th anniversary.”


56“Finding true love and staying true to your love are two characteristics you both posses in high amounts. I wish you both a lot more years. Happy 40th anniversary.”


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57“What a love life you both share, celebrating the wrinkles and the wisdom accumulated over 40 years of togetherness. Happy 40th anniversary.”


58“You both are a pillar of inspiration to couples everywhere you go. May the love that binds you too never get broken. Happy 40th anniversary.”


59“Placing your spouse before yourself can never be an easy thing to do, you guys have incorporated it into your everyday lives. Happy 40th anniversary.”


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60“I wish you more pillow fights, more hand in hand walks, more heart to heart talks, and more eye to eye conversations. Happy 40th anniversary.”