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30 Valentine Messages for Friends That They Will Surely Appreciate

30 Valentine Messages for Friends That They Will Surely Appreciate

Valentine’s day isn’t just about acknowledging the love you share with your significant other. Valentine’s joy can be spread to friends as well, everyone likes chocolate!

Spread these Valentine messages for friends around, brightening everyone’s day. They will surely appreciate the lovely gesture!


Dos and don’ts when writing Valentine messages for friends

When writing Valentine messages for friends, you need to be careful about whether a person is single or not. Before you send any messages, think about whether your friends would rather a funny valentines message, or one that is somewhat more typical.


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01Be concise.
Nobody expects friends to post multiple paragraphs about love and romance.
Keep it short and to the point for maximum effectiveness. Nobody will mind if you don’t write a novel about your friendship.


02Save the most creativity for your closest friends.
Make sure you put in a little extra effort for those who are most special to you.
Reserve your most beautiful thoughts for the people who bring love to you every day.


03Be unique.
Don’t just copy and paste these Valentine messages for friends – include a little bit of your own ideas, too.



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01Mention the names of partners and of people you’re not too close with.
If you decide to send messages to people you’re not in touch a lot, you shouldn’t mention their last-known girlfriends.
This can create an awkward situation, especially if they broke up.


02Pour salt on their wounds.
When sending Valentine messages for friends who are single, don’t tell them how they ‘will find love eventually’ or stuff like that.
Focus on the beauty of the day, funny, or encouraging messages.


03Send Valentine messages for friends to people you’ve had a thing with.
Even if it was a fling three years ago, a romantic message could make things awkward and cause them to think you want something with them.



Valentine messages for friends who are taken


01Happy Valentine’s day, Matt.
I hope you and Carrie continue to show us what true love means for much, much longer!


Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk under Pexels License


02Dear Joanna,
I wish you the happiest Valentine’s day possible! Mark is lucky to have you and I hope you two nurture your love for many years to come.
All the best!


03It takes a true man to be able to understand and be with a woman like you, Maria!
Josh sure made the right choice and I couldn’t be happier for you two. Spend this day in peace and love.



04Nothing says love like seeing you and Kathy smiling and holding hands. You’re a true example to all of us and I wish you all the best.
Happy Valentine’s day!


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya under Pexels License


05Love is no small thing, my friend, and you managed to find it. Keep what you have close and nurture it because that kind of love is rarely found.
Happy Valentine’s day!


06I hope you use this day to reflect on what love is, in so many forms, and spread more of it around.
We could all use more friends like you!


07You are a woman every man dreams of and Mark is the luckiest man on the planet to be with you.
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day, filled with love and attention.


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08If there is someone who knows how to love, it’s you.
Let this blessed day be a chance for you to spread positivity and become an even more wonderful person than you already are.


09On this blessed day, I hope you cherish what you have and continue to make your love grow and flourish.
Happy Valentine’s day to you and Jackie!


10Love isn’t a word, an act, or a thought. It’s a state of mind that few people know to create like you.
I wish you and Marianne many more years of love and togetherness.



11Finding someone like you isn’t a small deal.
Greg is the luckiest man on the planet and I wish you two a wonderful time this year and every year.


12Nothing can beat the power of true love.
Stay true to your feelings and wishes and you will have a wonderful future. Happy Valentine’s day!


Photo by Laura Ockel under Unsplash License


13People like you and Matt give the rest of us hope that we will find our soulmate, too.
Happy Valentine’s day and I wish you a wonderful year.


14Love is a luxury to some, but an everyday commitment for you and your beautiful wife.
I wish you a lifetime of happiness – you deserve no less!


15Take time to cherish all the love you have and spread more of it around.
If anyone knows how to do it – it’s you!


Photo by TheVirtualDenise under Pixabay License


Valentine messages for friends who are single


16All the love in the world is within you and I am privileged to feel it every day.
Happy Valentine’s day, my friend!


17If only more people knew what it’s like to have a friend as amazing as you.
Use this magical holiday to reflect on all the affection you receive and don’t forget to give some of it back!


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18Some people have the gift of loving and caring for other people.
You are absolutely gifted with this skill – don’t you ever forget it. Happy Valentine’s day!



19Don’t let anyone in the world shut out your light.
Use this Valentine’s day to show people around you how bright your love really is!


20Nothing rivals the true love of a friend and I am blessed to have you by my side.
I wish you a happy Valentine’s day and a wonderful year!


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21No matter what happens, you will always have my unconditional love.
Have faith in yourself and magic will ensue!


22I am happy to get the chance to tell you how much I care for you, and that I wouldn’t be here without you.
Happy Valentine’s day and I wish you a lot of love this entire year.


23Let the rays of love shine upon you this wonderful day.
You are a gift to me, every day, always a source of support.


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24I just wanted to say I love you and that I am eternally thankful for your friendship and support.
People can only dream of friends like you!


25In good or bad times, you’ve always been by my side and I just wanted to use this amazing day to tell you how much you mean to me.
Happy Valentine’s day!


PHoto by Ajay Donga under pexels license


26People who haven’t met you don’t know the true meaning of love.
On this special occasion, I can wholeheartedly attest to that.


27The world is lucky to have you, especially me.
I love how you never keep love for yourself and how you incessantly spread it to the people you care about.



28Valentine’s day is meant for showing love and affection to people that we truly care about – and you’re the first one to pop to my mind.
Continue being so incredible and you will find all the fortune you need in life.


Photo by DanaTentis undr pixabay license


29I’ll gladly take this opportunity to tell you that Valentine’s day wouldn’t be the same without you.
Thanks for being a friend that most people can’t only dream about.


30Friendship isn’t a moment nor a feeling – it’s a lifelong connection and I think you and me have that kind of bond.
Thank you for everything! Happy Valentine’s day!


Concluding thoughts

Use these Valentine messages for friends to spread the love and show people you care. It only takes a few minutes, but the positive energy will last much longer.

Be original and include personal details if you’re able. We hope you and your loved ones will have a great Valentine’s day!