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How to Ask Your Parents for Money Wisely

How to Ask Your Parents for Money Wisely

Learning how to ask your parents for money shouldn’t be a daunting task. On the contrary, you just need some common sense and strategic thinking.

Use these 20 phrases to become a master of how to ask your parents for money and build up on that success. You can do it!


The dos and don’ts when asking your parents for money


01Be honest.
If you need money to go to a party or to buy a piece of clothing, tell them.
Honesty is the best way how to ask your parents for money.


02Ask in advance.
Ask in advance so you do get too nervous or anxious, you will only cause chaos and stress. The moment you find out you need money, ask them.


03Respect negative answers.
When they say no, your parents may actually have a reason.
Knowing how to ask your parents for money means being mature at all times. If they refuse this time, a mature response will gain you respect.


Begging will only end up with you making a fool out of yourself.
If they say no, don’t inquire about the reason, just accept it.


No matter how much you need money, at the end of the day – it’s your parents’ money.
You have no right to question their reasons for not giving you money. It’s disrespectful and immature.


If you say you need money for new books or school equipment – be prepared for them to possibly want to check out that claim.
Realize that you will forever lose their trust if you lie about money.


The best ways how to ask your parents for money


01“Mom, I would like to ask you for [amount of money], because I am going on a trip with Mary for the weekend. I know I might be asking at a tough time, but I will pay you back as soon as I receive my paycheck.”
This is both an honest approach and a clear promise that you’ll return the money. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, though.


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02“Dad could you lend me [amount of money]. You know I always pay you back and understand if you can’t. If [requested amount] is to much, anything will help.”
Remind your parent that you’re responsible and honest with the money. Follow up by saying ‘anything will do’ if they seem like they’re going to say no.



03“Mom, if I do the chores for the next five days, would you be willing to lend me money to go to that birthday party with Kate? It would mean a lot to me and I am willing to do whatever you need over the five days.”
Start your pitch with an ambitious proposal. This will impress them from the get-go and earn you a nice payday for some honest work.


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04“Mom, I know you work hard all day and that these last few weeks have been hard. I hate to ask you for more than what you already give me, but I would appreciate if you could spare [amount of money] so I can go out with John and Mike tomorrow night.”
Let them know you appreciate their hard work. Knowing how to ask your parents from money revolves around saying the right things at the right time.


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05“Dad, I know you have a lot of work to do this week, so I have a suggestion – if I cooked lunch and dinner for the entire week, would you be able to give me [amount] to go on a trip with Joshua?”
No parent will say no to the option to do less chores themselves! Be smart about this and make a deal that you can pull through.


06“You know I hate asking for money, but I could use some help. I had a lot of school work lately, so could not take any shifts at work. I will pay you back as soon as possible!”
Emphasize that you hate asking for money and follow it up with a good reason. It’s a 1-2 combo that can’t fail if you say it right.


07“Is there something you need help with these days, mom? I’m in a bit of a financial pickle, so I am willing to help you with anything I can, if you could spare [amount of money you need].”
Talking to your parents like an adult and offering services is the most surefire way to get the exact amount you need.


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08“Mom, I understand you’re under a lot of pressure these days, but there is a pair of jeans I really like and they’re $70. If I have $35 from my own babysitting money, would you cover the other half? It would mean the world to me.”
If you already know your parents will most likely say no, begin with a bargain. And who knows – they might be delighted by your approach and give you the whole amount.



09“Dad, remember how I told you I needed a new pair of [something]? Well, I just saw a big discount sale advertised at [store name] and it would be awesome if you could lend me [amount] to shop now, so we save money!”
This is the go-to move when buying anything – hunt for discounts and let them know that you want to save money. It’s a brilliant tactic.


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10“Mom, are you willing to bet [amount] that I can’t finish this week’s chores in the next 10 hours? I might be crazy but I also need the money for new college books!”
A humorous approach that has a serious undercurrent? Yes, please!


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11“Let’s say I needed [amount] to buy a new pair of shoes for Mike’s birthday next week… How much would you be willing to help me with?”
If you’re not sure about your chances, ask them to start the bargaining process. You might be surprised by the answer.


12“Dad, Jane and I were talking about going on vacation, 5 months from now. I’ve decided to tell you right away because I would like to ask you to help me out. I plan on getting a part-time job, but may not make enough money in time. What do you say?”
Boasting how you’re thinking in advance will let your parents know that you’re responsible. They will respect you and want to help you.


13“I know I sometimes ask for too much, but it would mean a lot to me if you could give me [amount] for [need].”
Own up for your past mistakes. Your parents will appreciate the honesty and transparency.


14“Do you think it would be possible for me to go on a field trip with John? It’s two weeks from now and I might need some money…”
Make it seem like you’re asking them for permission, too. It’s an excellent distraction tactic.


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15“Would it be the end of the word if I asked you for [amount] for [need]? I know I’ve been bugging you for money a lot recently, but I really need this.”
A polite way, plus confessing that you might be a nuisance from time to time is a great way to open up negotiations.



What to say when your parents say ‘no’


01“No problem, mom, I completely understand. If you change your mind or anything, let me know.”
No’ doesn’t always mean no. Let them know you’re open to reconsideration.


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02“I’m sorry if I bothered you. I’ll ask [someone else] to see if they can help me. I appreciate you taking the time, regardless!”
This response will make it seem like you knew you could count on them. Saying that other people can help you will relieve their pressure and make them feel better.


03“Thanks for taking the time to consider, mom! But if I manage to scrape up half of the money by Tuesday, would you be able to provide the other half? It would mean a lot to me.”
Never give up! Try to strike a deal and you might get some money after all.


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04“Never mind, thank you anyway. I appreciate you being honest and telling me the real reason. Next time, maybe?”
Let them know you believe them and appreciate their honesty. This is laying the groundwork for later situations.



05“Give me a chance to earn that money somehow, I really need it. Is there anything I can help you with for you to pay me?”
If you’re desperate or if the matter is urgent, offer your service if you haven’t tried that yet (for chores and other tasks you can accomplish).


Concluding thoughts

Now you know how to ask your parents for money. Remember to be honest, forthcoming and to appreciate every cent they give you.

Learning how to ask your parents for money is all about establishing a good reputation. The better you behave now – the higher the chances of them giving you the money the next time.