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18 Go-To Responses When a Guy Calls You Pretty

18 Go-To Responses When a Guy Calls You Pretty

We all know that true beauty lies on the inside, but it doesn’t hurt to be called pretty every now and then, especially by a cute guy who you like. It can sometimes catch you off guard, so can you confidently claim you know what to say when a guy calls you pretty?

Other times, a guy you might not like will call you pretty, making you feel awkward and likely to trip over your words or come off as rude and hurt his feelings when you don’t know what to say.

By the end of this post, you will be certain about what to say when a guy calls you pretty in any situation without making a fool out of yourself or hurting any feelings. Let’s begin by exploring why they call you pretty in the first place.


Why do guys call us pretty?


There are a lot of pretty people in this world. Surely you are not the only pretty person he has seen today, so why did he go out of his way to highlight that?
There must be a reason behind doing so. Here are some of the most common reasons guys call us pretty:

01He’s flirting with you
This is the most obvious reason. One of the easiest moves in the book when trying to get a girl to like you is to compliment her, so most guys use this. He’ll likely follow it up with some sort of pickup line or ask for your number, so if you’re not sure he’s trying to flirt with you right away, then that should give it away.


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02He’s just trying to be nice
There are some guys who are not always on the hunt for another chick and are genuinely just nice people. Perhaps he just wants to brighten a stranger’s day by letting her know she is pretty. You can tell if he’s not interested in anything further than that if he doesn’t try to force a conversation and leaves without trying to get your number.


03He just wants to talk to you
Compliments are a great conversation starter. Many times, when people don’t know what to say to someone they just met, they scan their exterior and find something that stands out to compliment, hoping it sparks a conversation. For some of us, hearing “you’re pretty” can be a little cringeworthy. Just don’t take it personally. While you might prefer if a stranger focuses on something besides your appearance, the reality is, that’s just how a lot of people compliment others. It wouldn’t be fair to fault a person when the intentions are in the right place.


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6 responses to “You’re pretty” when you don’t like him back

One of the hardest things to figure out is what to say when a guy you don’t like calls you pretty . It’s a sensitive situation, and you’re better off accepting the compliment and letting him down easily.
Even if you don’t like the guy back, always try to remain respectful and consider his feelings. How would you feel if you were rejected by your crush harshly?
If it’s a case where he constantly compliments you to the point that you are uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with hinting that you are not interested. Here is what to say to a guy who calls you pretty when you aren’t interested:

01“That’s really nice of you to say. Thank you.”
This is a polite response to use when you don’t know what to say when a guy calls you pretty. It says that you are not interested in having any further dialogue, but you appreciate the kind words.


02“Gee, thanks. I showered today.”
This is a funny response to use when you don’t want to make the situation awkward, but you are not interested in prolonging a conversation with this guy.


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03“You should see me when I wake up without this makeup on. A real mess.”
It’s your way of saying, “relax, I’m not all that”. Hopefully, he’ll take the hint and move on.


04“You’re looking quite nice today as well.”
There’s nothing wrong with returning a compliment to someone you aren’t interested in. It can be just what he needs to brighten up his day, and then you can just move on from the conversation without entertaining anything further. Note that this only works with guys who aren’t constantly flirting with you, otherwise he might get the wrong idea.


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05“That made my day. How sweet of you.”
This is another response you can use when you aren’t interested in the guy. It can be a friend, family member or anyone else who isn’t actively flirting with you.


06“Right back at ya!
This is a friendly response to a guy who says you are pretty. Only use this when you are sure he isn’t romantically interested in you.



Responses/what to say when a guy calls you pretty when you like him back

There’s no greater feeling in the world than being acknowledged by your crush. Having him think you are pretty is a major plus and is a sign that he may be interested in more than a friendship.
What you say next is critical. You don’t want to seem too pushy or desperate since this might turn him off, but you want to respond in a way that implies that you are interested or flattered.
Here’s what to say to a guy you like after he calls you pretty:

07“I guess that’s just something else we have in common.”
This is an assertive response, so only use this when you’re dealing with the type of guy who likes confident girls. It’s a way to let him know that you think the two of you could be a cute couple.


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08“Thanks. I’m glad you noticed.”
Your crush will wonder what you mean by this and may think you did something special to get his attention. This lets him know you’re interested, for sure.


09“Well, they say hanging around the right people changes you.”
This is a good response to use when you want to return the compliment. In other words, you’re saying that some of his good looks have rubbed off on you.


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10“And what else do you like about me?”
If you are sure this guy likes you, and you want to shoot your shot, go for it. This is a great response to use when you are ready to spice things up a bit with your flirting.


11“Aww thanks, but I think you have mistaken me for a mirror.”
This is a flirty, yet humble response to use when you don’t know what to say when a guy calls you pretty. Use this when you don’t want the guy to think you’re conceited or too in love with appearances. It’s also a good way to return the compliment and let him know that you’re interested as well.


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12“You look quite ravishing if I may say so myself.”
Use this response when you want to let him know how good he looks to you. Note the use of the word ravishing instead of cute or handsome. If you think it’s too much, you can substitute it for handsome or another word.


Best responses to a guy who you met for the first time and asked for your number

There may be some situations where a random guy may walk up to you and somewhere at the beginning of or during the conversation, he tells you that you are pretty and asks you for your number.
You must do a quick analysis in your head and decide whether you like him or not and if you would be comfortable with him having your number. Next, you need to figure out an appropriate response to convey your conclusion.
The first bit is up to you. Here are some ideas to choose from for what to say when a guy calls you pretty:

13“Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else.”
Use this when you aren’t interested, or if the guy seems like a creep. This will only work if you walk away immediately.


14“Well, that escalated quickly.”
Use this only when you want to make a joke. The guy is already nervous and might have mustered up a lot of courage to ask for your number, so this is a good icebreaker.


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15“Finally, someone who agrees with my parents.”
This is another humorous response for what to say when a guy calls you pretty and asks for your number. It gives him a chance to see how good your sense of humor is.


16“Thank you for the compliment, but let’s just leave it at that.”
Use this when you don’t want to give the guy your number. It is a polite response to let him know you aren’t interested.



17“That’s kind of you to say but I have a boyfriend.”
Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, you can lie if you want to let him down easily. It means you aren’t going to give him your number.


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18“I’ll give you my number, but promise me you’re not a stalker.”
This is obviously a joke. This will make things less awkward as you exchange numbers.


What to keep in mind when a guy calls you pretty

Now that we’ve covered what to say when a guy calls you pretty, we need to discuss some things you should bear in mind. This ensures that what you say will work as you intend it to and that you don’t end up making a bad decision or a fool of yourself.

01Be polite
You’re always better off being polite in any situation. Even if you aren’t interested, be nice and say thank you. A lot of men have trouble accepting rejection, so as women, we must be careful because we never know how they will react. If you are uncomfortable in the situation, try to move away from it as soon as possible.


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02Be humble
Sure, he thinks you’re pretty, but don’t let it go to your head. As a matter of fact, take the compliment with a grain of salt because you might be one of many girls he’s pulled that with today.


03Accept the compliment
Many of us have a default response of brushing off the compliment or making excuses to say we don’t look good. Unless you’re joking, don’t do that. It makes you seem insecure and unsure of yourself. Just accept it and go about your day.


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04Don’t be afraid to return the compliment
Think about how good the compliment felt. Don’t you think he’d feel the same way receiving a compliment from you? Don’t think you are above letting a guy know he looks good. Some of them are just as insecure as we are sometimes.


05Don’t make the situation awkward
Try as best as possible to make the situation feel as natural as possible. Don’t be afraid to make a joke to break the ice, or even change the subject. Otherwise, accept and walk away instead of lingering in an uncomfortable space.


06Think carefully before giving out your details
If you are approached by a guy asking for your number or social media information, think carefully before giving it out. There are a lot of creeps out there who use this strategy and can end up being stalkers.


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You know what to say when a guy calls you pretty, and you also know why they say it and much more. There’s no reason to freeze up at compliments anymore.
If he says it to you over text, just pull up this post to refresh your mind. You’ve got this girl!