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The Ultimate Guide for an Irresistible Halloween Party Invitation

The Ultimate Guide for an Irresistible Halloween Party Invitation

The spookiest part of the year is just around the corner so it’s almost time for your Halloween party. That means you need to get your invitations out, and if you’re having trouble with Halloween party invitation wording, you’ll need our help.

Halloween is a unique holiday. This means that the invitation wording is going to be different from everything else.

The Halloween party invitation wording needs to reflect the scary nature of the event. It needs to capture the attention of your guests and set the tone for what they should expect at your Halloween party.

Consider these tips and tricks when deciding on what to put in the body of your invitation for your Halloween party, and ultimately, what to use for your Halloween party invitation wording:


Elements of Halloween party invitation / e-invitation

Before you think about the exact Halloween party invitation wording, you need to be aware of the elements that must be present on all invitations. These elements cover all bases: meaning, they include all the information that guests need to know along with other important details that help to make the invitation more appealing.
Here are the main elements of the Halloween party invitation to bear in mind:

01A spooky message
No Halloween party invitation is complete without a spooky message, just like a Christmas card would not be complete without a message related to the season.
This message should ideally be a play on words related to Halloween, for example, “Are you ready to boo-gie?” or “Summoning all ghouls and boys.”
01 collection halloween lettering inscriptionsPhoto by Viaire on Shutterstock


02Halloween-themed envelope
Your invitation will stand out more if it is presented in a Halloween-themed envelope. Grasp your guest’s attention from the very beginning with an envelope that screams Halloween. There are tons of options online and you should be able to find them in stores, so we’ll leave this bit up to you. Just remember, the spookier the better.


03Include spooky details
The Halloween party invitation wording is one thing, but it’s really all in the details. Spooky details help to tie the whole thing together, and your classic spiders, webs, bats, and jack-o-lanterns in the invitation are sure to do the trick.


04Festive colors and fonts
Orange and black are the main Halloween colors, but we usually end up putting some red, purple and green in there. Orange, of course, is for all the pumpkins, fire and the changing season. Black represents darkness, death, evil, bad omens and the night. Red is used mainly to represent blood while green represents creatures like zombies, witches, aliens, Frankenstein and evil monsters. Purple is associated with sorcery, magic, and anything mystical and magical. The best fonts for Halloween look spooky or slender, or have effects where the letters appear to be dripping.


04 vector set halloween party invitations greeting Photo by Daria Voskoboeva on Shutterstock


While this list may seem like there are many elements to remember to include on the page, you should also remember to keep things short. It’s still an invitation and should get to the point. Ideally, your invitation should be half a page.


Halloween Party Invitation Wording- Party Details

When you begin to contemplate your Halloween party invitation wording, you’ll need a sense of direction. This will help ensure your Halloween party invitation wording includes everything you need to let your guests know ahead of time.
It will also be persuasive and should convince guests to show up. Take a look at how Halloween party invitation wording correlates to your party details:

01The host
How will your guests know that you are hosting this event unless you include it in the invitation in some way? The wording can be as simple as “hosted by: [insert your name], or “join [insert your name/s]” to announce yourself (and others if applicable) as the host.


06 young people costumes celebrating halloween groupPhoto by VGstockstudio on Shutterstock


02When and where
You must also include the time and date of the event in whichever format you please, for example, 31st Spooktober, 2021, or 31/10/2021.
Location is also a must. If you are sending it to close friends and family, you may simply use your name followed by your residence, for instance, Richard’s Residence.
If you plan to have guests who have not been at your house before, you will need to be more precise in your location. If you plan to host the Halloween party at a venue outside of your home, you should include information about parking.
It’s also a good idea to include a Google maps QR code on your invite for your guests to scan easily. Using old-school directions can also be a fun idea if they’re simple.



It’s customary to have at least some form of finger food or refreshments at a Halloween party for your guests, but if you plan to serve actual meals, you should include it on the invitation so no one comes with a full stomach.
These days, people have begun to include brief menus on invitations so their guests know what to expect. Just make sure you keep it simple and don’t take up too much of your invitation talking about food.


08 scary sausage mummies dough funny eyesLeft: Photo by Timolina on Shutterstock / Right: Photo by Romashko Yuliia on Shutterstock


You will need to make an extensive list for yourself of all the activities that will take place at your Halloween party. Some good examples include decorating pumpkins, making costumes from scratch, horror movie trivia, kiss/marry/kill, spooky scavenger hunt, and trick or tequila.
You should only briefly mention these on the invitation as a way to capture the attention of your guests.
09 happy halloween group children suits pumpkinsPhoto by Evgeny Atamanenko on Shutterstock


Your guests should have a reason to come to your party. They might have a couple of options that night so what will set yours apart?
If you include a picture, that could help to sell the whole thing. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a picture of your future party, but if you have one from last year, you could show them how great it was and make it irresistible to miss this year.
Your Halloween party invitation wording is also important. It’s about how you say it, or how you present your Halloween party to your peers. Make sure your design is up to par and you use the right font and colors. Include all the exciting features of your party, but be careful not to give everything away. There should be some sense of mystery surrounding your party.



halloween group kids want candyPhoto by Sean Locke Photography on Shutterstock

You can’t pull off a good Halloween party without making sure you invite the right people. Invite friends and family members who you know will bring a good vibe and energy to the party. If you are comfortable with strangers, make it known that they are free to bring a plus one.
When sending invites, make sure you only send them to people that are likely to attend the party. Don’t send it to someone who just had a baby a few weeks ago, or someone who has other commitments that always make them busy. Think about every invite very carefully and ask yourself, “Would this person actually show up?”
Also, you wouldn’t realistically send an invite to someone you know is going out of town for the week. It might even be considered rude since you knew beforehand and it might seem like you were expecting him/her to cancel otherwise important plans.
Do not invite people who you know to have problems with each other. Halloween is supposed to be a good time. You don’t want unnecessary drama at your party.

Halloween party invitation wording: Special instructions

If there’s anything extra outside of the usual party details that you think your guests should know, you should include that in your Halloween party invitation wording.

01For example, if you want your Halloween party to be a costume party, you need to specify that on your invitation. Though the purpose is to make sure everyone has a good time, your guests should follow these special instructions so no one feels left out. Plus, it’s your party, so what you say goes!


01 three adults dressed halloween costumesPhoto by Elena Vasilchenko on Shutterstock


02If you don’t intend to provide food and drinks or have the event catered, you should include that in your invitations in some way. The most popular Halloween party invitation wording for this is BYOB. It means to bring your own bottle.


02 bloody halloween orange and green cocktails smokePhoto by Mariyana M on Shutterstock


03You can also say something like “potluck style” or “bring your favorite Halloween dish to share” to let your guests know that they are expected to bring food.


04If you don’t want any kids there, you can simply say “Adults-only event” and leave it there.


05Regarding a guest bringing a plus one, it is implied when you put specific names on the invitation. If you will allow it, say “you are invited to bring a guest” or “[insert person’s name] and guest”.


Halloween party invitation wording: RSVP

halloween card train ticket pass stylePhoto by Kraphix on Shutterstock

RSVP, or répondez s’il vous plaît, simply means please reply. It is asking guests to let you know if they are coming to the Halloween party or not.
The RSVP notice should include information on how they can reply. In the past, this was done by filling out the RSVP slip then returning by mail. Today, most people reply via call, text or email. If you send e-invitations, there’s usually a link or prompt that guests can use to indicate if they are interested in attending or not.
Encourage your guests to respond at least a week before the Halloween party to give you ample time to prepare. It can help you to better accommodate your guests and prevent wastage. 


Halloween party invitation wording: How to end the invitation

The end of your invitation is basically when you thank your guests for their interest and wish them a happy Halloween. You can include something about looking forward to seeing them, or reminding them to dress up for the costume contest. Just ensure that it flows with the rest of the content and it isn’t too abrupt.

Sending out the invites

postman delivering letters mailbox recipientPhoto by Kzenon on Shutterstock

You need to give your guests ample time to prepare for the Halloween party, especially if you have given them special instructions. Ideally, you should send out the invitations a month to a month and a half before the actual day of the Halloween party. Feel free to send out reminders as the date approaches so that your guests don’t forget. A reminder a week before the day of the party suffices.

Halloween Party Sample Invitations : Adults-only (singles/couples)

01We’ve got the boo-ze, just bring your boos.
It’s Halloween again and we’re ready to take on some haunting spirits and wicked brews.
Come in pairs to the Oakland Brewery, 30/10/21 at the stroke of midnight for a night to eat to your heart’s content, drink and be scary!
RSVP to Emily by October 14th.
01 halloween invitation for adults 1


02Calling all gals, ghouls and creatures of the night
For an experience in which you’ll delight
While the kids are away in search of the treats
Bring a covered dish of some good eats
Pick your poison and bring it on over
This cursed 31st night of October.
Hosted by Erica and Ron at 8 pm sharp.
RSVP by (insert date) for a night of fright and delight.
02 halloween invitation for adults 2


Halloween Party Sample Invitations : Families

03It’s Halloween again and we’re having a costume showdown at the Ellis Residence.
Come dressed in your spookiest outfits for a chance to be named the Mayor of Spooksville, this Sunday, October 31st, [Year] at 7 pm. Food and drinks will be provided.
RSVP to Sarah at 7543240952 by October 12.
03 halloween invitation for families 1


04We’ve got the tricks, so bring your favorite treats to share.
Please come for Halloween brunch, hosted by Dan and Amy at their residence on October 30, [Year], at 11 am for a day of pumpkin carving, trick or treating and your favorite family Halloween games.
RSVP by October 21st.
Costumes are encouraged. See you there!
04 halloween invitation for families 2



Halloween Party Sample Invitations : Office party

05Join us for a night that will make your skin crawl
You are welcomed to the 5th annual Halloween Ball
The darkness of Saturday, October 30th might be a fright,
Join us at 6 pm on this spooky night,
In your best costume at the 3rd-floor conference room
RSVP Marsha from Accounting by October 12th
05 halloween invitation for office party 1


06Come if you dare
All the monsters are hungry
So bring something to share.
You are invited to a night of fear
Hosted at 253 Westward Road on October 30, at 6 pm. Parking at the venue.
Costumes are required, and all creatures are welcomed. See you there.
RSVP [email protected] by October 14th.
06 halloween invitation for office party 2



By now, you’ll realize that you didn’t need much help with the Halloween party invitation wording. Once you pay attention to all the tips we gave you, the Halloween party invitation wording should come pretty easily.
Remember, this is supposed to be fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously. As long as you include all the details, it will be perfect!