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The Ultimate List of 60 Things to Say When Someone Gives You Flowers

The Ultimate List of 60 Things to Say When Someone Gives You Flowers

Do you know what to say when someone gives you flowers? Yes, thank you is in order, and showing your gratitude is the backbone of any response when someone gives you flowers.

There are many ways to show your gratitude, and what to say all depends on the situation and the relationship you share with the person who gives you the flowers. We’ll explore different ideas of what to say to help you express your feelings.

Even better, we’ll touch on the awkward situation you may find yourself in when someone gives you flowers but you don’t like them back.


10 perfect things to say when someone gives you flowers for your birthday

Flowers are popular to give as a birthday gift, and they work well, especially when you have no clue what to give the birthday guy/girl. They help to bring immediate joy and make the day special.

6 things to say to a person you’re very close to

Here’s what to say when someone you are close to gives you flowers for your birthday, for example, a family member, good friend or partner:

01“What a perfect gift! Thank you for making me feel so loved.”


happy blonde woman flowers hat box
Photo by Lia Koltyrina on shutterstock


02“This is just the thing I needed! Thank you for this beautiful bouquet.”


03“How did you know I love [insert type of flowers]. You’re such a good friend!”


04“You always know how to make me feel loved and appreciated. I’m so glad you sent me these flowers.”


05“Wow! Thank you for the birthday flowers. I’ll think of you every time I smell them.”


valentines day woman smelling bouquet peonies

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06“Thank you for making me feel special on my birthday. I still have the flowers and I plan to keep them as long as possible.”


4 things to say to a person you’re not very close to

These are some polite examples of what to say when someone you aren’t close to gifts you birthday flowers; for instance, a colleague or classmate:

07“Thank you for these wonderful birthday flowers. I really appreciate them.”


08“I didn’t even know you knew about my birthday! This is such an unexpected yet welcomed surprise.”


smiling colleagues celebrating birthday woman office

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09“The flowers you sent were just what I needed to make my office feel bright and complete. Thanks again.”


10“Thank you for such a lovely gift. It feels so good to have these flowers on my desk.”


8 perfect things to say when someone gives you flowers for your graduation

Graduating is a big deal, whether from high school or university. It’s an important milestone that is marked with well wishes and gifts to celebrate the occasion.
Usually, our friends, family and partners are at the forefront of these celebrations. Here’s what to say when someone gives you flowers for graduation:

11“Thank you for all the love and support over the years. These flowers are gorgeous!”


graduates academic dresses holding beautiful flower

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12“I’m so grateful for the flowers you sent to me on graduation day. I love walking into a new chapter with the gifts of nature.”


13“Thank you for joining me on my special day. The flowers were a great way to top it off!”


14“I’m so happy you got the time off to come to my graduation. Having you there was just as lovely as the bouquet you brought!”


15“I was delighted to have you be a part of one of the biggest celebrations of my life. Thank you for making the day memorable and for those gorgeous [insert type of flower].”


family photo graduation blue gradiation dress

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16“Now that I’ve graduated from university, the path to success is so much shorter. I’m so happy to have these wonderful flowers to decorate my path.”


17“You’ve been by my side through thick and thin, and that has always been enough for me. The flowers, however, are amazing.”


18“Thanks for thinking of me during this monumental moment in my life. I am so grateful for your gift of flowers and your support. “



8 perfect things to say when your partner gives you flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is another popular day for flowers to be gifted. They are a visual representation of love and growth.
Here’s what to say when someone gives you flowers on Valentine’s Day:

19“Thank you, baby! These are my favorite flowers! My day has been made!”


happy indian woman getting flowers delivery
Photo by Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko on shutterstock


20“I didn’t know you were going to do this! I was so shocked to see my desk covered in flowers. My coworkers were so jealous! You did good baby.”


21“I’ll never get tired of receiving roses from the man/woman I love. I treasure having someone who keeps my life beautiful.”


22“Life is not a fairytale, but I know for certain I have my happily ever after with you. Thank you for these beautiful yellow roses, and for continuing to be an amazing partner.”


23“These flowers are a representation of our ever-blossoming love and the beauty of our relationship. Thank you for making yet another Valentine’s Day special.”


24“Valentine’s Day is about being with the one you love and reminding them of the strength of your union. And, once more, you have succeeded. Thank you, my love!”


happy woman sniffing bouquet roses home off shoulder

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25“Of all the gifts I’ve gotten, these flowers are my favorite. I look at them and remember how our love was once a seed in the mud, and today, they are a beautiful symbol of what we endured to get to this point in our lives. “


engagement ring on top of flower

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26“Even though we’ve been married for years, you still manage to make things fresh and exciting. These flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Thank you, my love.”


10 perfect things to say when someone gives you flowers because you are admitted to hospital

No one wants to be admitted to hospital. It’s something we all dread, and would hate to happen to us or the people we care about.
However, it does happen, and when it does, flowers are a great way to lift spirits and inspire hope. Below are some ideas of what to say when someone gives you flowers in this case.

6 things to say to a person you’re very close to

The people you are closest to will surround you with love and good vibes during your stay. And, when they are gone, they will leave you surrounded with beautiful gifts and flowers to keep your spirits high.
These are some ideas of what to say when someone gives you flowers because you’re admitted to hospital:

27“It’s hard being in the hospital, so having something beautiful to look at makes it just that bit easier. Thanks for these beautiful flowers. “


young grandson flower bouquet came visit grandpa

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28“I guess I’ll have to “Break my leg” more often if I want flowers from you. Thank you for being such a great friend.”


29“I really enjoyed the flowers you sent me after my surgery. They helped to keep my spirits up and reminded me of the good friends I have outside waiting for me to get better.”


30“Thank you for sending that bouquet of flowers and snack basket to my hospital room. It gets lonely here at night, but these [insert type of flower] will help to pass the time.”


fresh pink rose flowers bouquet visit blur woman

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31“This is truly a stunning bouquet. I know a lot of time and thought went into creating this lovely surprise. I appreciate it so much!”


32“These [insert name of flowers] from your yard are real prizes! The fact that you grew them yourself made them even more special. I’m honored you chose me as the recipient. They’re just what this depressing hospital room needed. “



4 things to say to a person you’re not very close to

Even people you are not very close to will lend you support during this time. So, when your colleagues, club mates, drinking buddies or gardener send you flowers in the hospital, don’t be shocked by the overpouring of love and support.
Here’s how you can share your appreciation:

33“Thanks for sending over those lovely floral arrangements. They’re so thoughtful and beautiful. I can’t wait to be back at work with you!”


34“I have the best coworkers ever! I feel like I’m in my garden. These flowers came just in time to deal with feeling homesick.”


blurred background bouquet flowers patient hospital
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35“I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to send me such a thoughtful gift. I hope you’re doing great, and the rest of the team is managing without me.”


36“Thank you for reaching out to me in hospital, and for the lovely bouquet. It’s heartwarming to know I have a team of supportive coworkers waiting for me back at the office and wishing me well.”


8 perfect things to say when your partner gives you flowers for your wedding anniversary

Congratulations on making it to your wedding anniversary. Whether it’s year one, or year ten, it’s still an important and special day.
When your partner marks the occasion with a gift of flowers on your wedding anniversary, this is what you can say:

37“I married the perfect guy. Thank you for being you, a thoughtful, empowering and adorable partner. I feel so great to be able to smell roses in the morning.”


38“Thank you for always making me feel loved. [insert relationship duration] years later, and I still get butterflies in my stomach and red roses in my vases.”


blossoming sakura branch bright blue morpho

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39“I feel just as special today as the day I said: “I do”. These flowers are a sweet reminder of how I made the perfect choice.”


40“They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and flowers are a close second . Thank you for giving me these two beautiful gifts and for being a wonderful husband. “


41“How did I get so lucky? I have someone who loves and cares about me enough, all these years later, to still get me flowers and make me feel like the only girl in the world.”


42“I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing husband/wife to me. I know I’m not the easiest to deal with, but you love me regardless. These flowers are a symbol of our evolving love and the beautiful life we share.”


picture young man surprising woman flowers covering eyes

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43“Thanks for getting me these pink roses. I know that the guy is “supposed to do it”, but it feels great to reciprocate things once in a while. “


44“You always know how to make things special in new and interesting ways. Flowers are the last thing I saw coming after a rocky year, so know that I appreciate your efforts. “



10 perfect things to say when someone gives you flowers for Mother’s Day

One of the most fulfilling jobs on the planet is being a parent. It feels good to know that after all the years you have spent as a mother, you have children and a partner who love and respect you.

6 things to say to your children

Gifts from your children are easily the most meaningful. Flowers are their way of showing how much they love you.
This is how you can respond:

45“I’m so lucky to have the sweetest, most thoughtful children in the world. These flowers have made my day all the more brighter!”


loving african daughter congratulates young mom
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46“Thank you for sending me that mother’s day bouquet. You’re the best kid a mother could ask for. I’m so proud of you.”


47“You kids are really the best. These [insert name of flower] are just what my garden needed. I can’t wait to watch them bloom as you have over the years.”


48“What did I do to receive such amazing children? These flowers mean the world to me, as do you kids. I love them so much!”


happy mothers day child daughter congratulates kiss mommy

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49“Wow, these flowers are quite the sight. They’ll look fabulous on the dining table. You kids did good!”


50“Thanks, kids! I love the flowers and I love you! I feel like a queen!”


happy mothers day children congratulates moms children mom card

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4 things to say to your partner

Your partner has stood by you and has been present for all the ups and downs you’ve faced as a mom. He knows more than anyone how much this role means to you and of all the sacrifices you’ve made.
These are some ideas of how to respond:

51“I felt so special and so loved today. These flowers were the perfect way to top it off. Thank you, my love.”


52“Thanks for making me a mama. I love all of you so much. These flowers are just the icing on the cake.”


celebrating mothers day bunch flowers girl and dad kissing mom

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53“It feels good to know that I have a partner and kids that love me and make me feel like the best mom in the world. Thank you for being a great partner and friend, and for these wonderful flowers.”


54“Nothing beats the feeling of appreciation from the father of my children. I love you and I love these flowers.”



What to say when someone gives you flowers but you don’t like them back

What happens when someone gives you flowers but you don’t like them back? Well, it depends on how comfortable you feel.
If you have no problem accepting the gift, this is what you can say:

55“I must say I’m quite overwhelmed by all these flowers you’ve been sending. They are all so lovely. Thanks for your kindness and support.”
Use this when you aren’t expecting flowers from this person because you don’t share that type of relationship. It is a polite response.


photo beautiful blond business lady office blur focus flower
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56“How nice, I will put them in some water immediately. Thank you.”
This is good to use when you want to leave the awkward situation. It shows you are appreciative but gives you an out.


57“These are some pretty flowers. You’re such a good friend.”
Use this when you want to give the person a hint that you don’t see him/her as anything more than a friend, and you never will.

But, if you feel like taking the flowers will give the wrong impression or lead them on, this is what you can say:

58“The flowers are beautiful, but I’m afraid I can’t accept them.”
This is good to use when you get a gift from someone you aren’t into because you are explicitly declining these advances.


flower arrangement pink hat box created woman wearing white longsleeves

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59“This is truly a thoughtful gift, but it’s one I will have to decline. I do appreciate you thinking of me though.”
Use this when you don’t want the person to feel too bad but you want to make it clear that you aren’t interested.


60“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, so I can’t take these flowers. I’m sure you’ll find a girl who loves you for you and will appreciate these types of gifts though.”
This is good to use when you want to let the person down easily and encourage them not to give up on their quest for love.



With this list of what to say when someone gives you flowers, you’re ready for any and all situations. All you have to do is copy and paste, add a little customization, and you’ll be done.
Enjoy your flowers!