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40 Sweet Words of Affirmation for Him to Let Him Know How Wonderful He Is

40 Sweet Words of Affirmation for Him to Let Him Know How Wonderful He Is

Guys have feelings too, you know! Whether he’s having a good or bad day, you can always take the time and say a few words of affirmation for him.

There is nothing better than letting your man know you appreciate what he does for you and how wonderful he is. Be it your boyfriend or husband, use these 40 amazing words of affirmation for him!


For Your Husband: Words of affirmation for him (behavior)


01“I love how you always take the time to ask me about my day and how you are willing to drop everything to help me with my problems. You’re a dream husband!”
He invests time to listen to your problems, so use these words of affirmation for him and let him know you’re thankful.


Photo by Jarmoluk under Pixabay license


02“I appreciate you telling me whenever something is bothering you. It’s refreshing to hear about your thoughts and I love the fact that you’re not afraid of sharing anything.”
It’s not easy for a man to express his feelings. These words of affirmation for him will encourage him to continue doing so.


03“People don’t realize how amazing you are with your kids. Few men always take the time to explain everything to them and answer every single question!”
Being a father is a full-time job, especially when kids are young and curious. Let him know he’s doing a good job!



04“I adore the fact that you are always willing to commit to everything with maximum effort. Whether it’s me, your work or your kids – you never cease to amaze me.”
Seeing a man work to earn what he wants is the sexiest thing ever. With words of affirmation, you can gift him even more energy.


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05“How is it possible that you’re always such a good listener? Every single problem I have seems smaller and less significant when you hear it out. I love you!”
Listening isn’t all about nodding your head. Your husband takes time to think and to listen to your problems. He will appreciate these words of affirmation for him.


06“You know how to make me feel wanted and appreciated. With you by my side, there are no bad days, or insurmountable obstacles in this world.”
Everyone has bad days, but the ones we love the most should invest effort into bettering those bad days. Beautiful words of affirmation for him will let you return the favor!


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07“I love the fact that you always defend your opinions and that you’re never willing to back down to anyone. I keep falling in love with you every single day!”
A man with a stand is a man you should keep. Encourage your husband with some sweetness!


08“The way you are willing to solve every problem makes me weak in the knees. It’s an amazing pleasure to see you working hard and investing all your effort! Many women dream of a man like you! I love you so much!”
A resourceful and relentless husband is a treasure. Keep him locked away so someone doesn’t steal him!


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09“Let me just say how I appreciate you always making sure I’m happy and comfortable. I sometimes wake up in the morning and think ‘Is this real? What did I deserve to have a husband like this?’”
When he hears this, he will fall head over heels for you again.



10“Nothing ceases to amaze me when I see how hard you work to provide for us. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted since I was a little girl.”
The only thing that’s better from seeing results from hard work is being appreciated for it.


For Your Husband: Words of affirmation for him (personality)


11“I love how you’re always so calm, no matter what.”
Let your man know you think he’s your rock and he’ll love it.


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12“Sometimes, I can’t even believe how thoughtful you are.”
These words of affirmation for him are so sweet that he’ll be even more thoughtful.


13“I love how you’re always outspoken, regardless of the situation.”
A man who doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion never stop being sexy.


14“No matter what happens, you’re always patient and calm. I appreciate that and I love you.”
Even the most patient people need a little appreciation.


Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius under Pexels License


15“I adore your unyielding curiosity.”
There is nothing sexier than a man who is willing to learn. These words of affirmation for him will melt his heart.


16“It’s amazing how meticulous you are about everything.”
If he’s attentive to details, let him know that you are too. Aim words of affirmation for him, right at his personality.



17“I love how you never give up and that you have an unyielding spirit.”
Even the most relentless people lose energy. It’s your job to prevent your husband from experiencing this.


18“There is nothing I love more than your wide range of knowledge. I learn something new from you every single day!”
He will love words of affirmation for him that compliment his knowledge. Then he’s going to read even more!


Photo by Elijah Hail under Pexels License


19“I am amazed by how ambitious you are.”
Your husband will love the fact that you support his ideas and plans.


20“I’m so grateful that you always have the time and energy to forgive me for my blunders.”
Every man loves to know his efforts aren’t in vain and your hubby is no exception!


For Your Boyfriend: Words of affirmation for him (behavior)


21“I love how you always find some new places to take me out.”
He wants to impress you so – give him some feedback!


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22“It’s amazing how kind you are to my friends, they can’t stop talking about how awesome you are.”
He’s making an effort to impress the people you love, show him appreciation with these words of affirmation for him.


23“Even though we’re together for just a few months, you’re always planning for the future! I love that!”
If he really wants to spend his future with you, let him know you want that too.



24“You always invest so much time in dressing up when we go on a date, even after all this time. I absolutely adore that!”
Finding the right outfit every time is no small task. Let him know his efforts are appreciated.


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25“Just allow me to thank you for always helping me with college work, you’re a lifesaver!”
If he cares about your education, let him know that you value his efforts.


26“Give me one reason not to marry you! You’re so amazing when we play around with my little cousins.”
Good with kids, huh? Use these words of affirmation for him to let him know he’s husband material.


27“I love how you carefully plan each of our vacations so that I can relax and have a good time. You’re a life-saver!”
Planning is one of the best things a man can do – don’t let him think you don’t appreciate it.


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28“I love how you’re always cordial to my parents and how hard you work to impress them!”
If your parents love him, there is no reason why you shouldn’t acknowledge his efforts.


29“The way you planned my birthday party, I couldn’t catch my breath for two days, out of sheer amazement! You’re an angel.”
When you give these words of affirmation for him, he’ll work even harder for your next birthday.



30“I love how you always know how to advise me on something, sometimes I think you know everything there is to know.”
Compliment his knowledge and he’ll share it with you forever.


Words For Your Boyfriend (personality)


31“I adore how you are never afraid to admit that you’re wrong.”
Rarely does anyone admit that they’re wrong. If your boyfriend does this, he obviously cares more about you than himself.
Let him know it’s not in vain!


Photo by Alexas_Fotos under pixabay license


32“The fact that you’re willing to tell me when you’re scared of something is wonderful. I love you!”
Admitting fear is never easy. Give him extra energy to continue sharing things with you. It’s an essential part of every healthy relationship.


33“It’s not every day that you come across a man that’s not afraid to cry in front of you. You’re my man and I’m proud of you.”
A man’s tears should never be disregarded. Encourage him to display emotions in a healthy way.


34“I love how intuitive are you when making plans or thinking of what to do.”
His mind is amazing, right? Well, after these words, it’s going to become even more amazing.


Photo by William Iven under unsplash license


35“I love that you learned how to cook just to surprise me. You’re an amazing human being.”
Not everyone is will to pick up a new skill just to impress his girlfriend. He’ll cook even more when he hears this!


36“I seriously don’t believe that there is a person more understanding that you, on the entire planet!”
Even the most understanding people have a limit. Extend his with these words of affirmation!



37“You are committed to me and nothing scares you when it comes to our relationship. That’s something I enjoy every single day.”
When he’s unfazed, reinforce him with additional words of encouragement.


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38“I love that you’re so committed to your education! You’re a man to behold.”
Always support him when he’s working on his education-related goals. He will need that energy!


39“Without a doubt, your humbleness and will to help others is amazing. I love that!”
Everyone has an identity crisis from time to time. Remind him of his best qualities to help him!


40“You’re always objective; don’t ever think I don’t appreciate that.”
He doesn’t just say what you want to hear, he wants to help you. Tell him this and he’ll try even harder.


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Concluding thoughts

Just one sentence is enough to put a smile on his face, trust us. With these words of affirmation for him, you will reinvigorate your relationship or marriage with love and positivity.

Feel free to add a personal touch and show him how much you know it. Men can’t help but go crazy when they hear such beautiful words!