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20+ Great Chinese New Year Greetings for Your Chinese Friends and Clients

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20+ Great Chinese New Year Greetings for Your Chinese Friends and Clients

If you want to make a great gesture of respect towards your Chinese colleagues, friends or clients, use one of the many traditional Chinese New Year greetings.

Using a time-honored greeting will leave a great impression on them. To help you impress important people of Chinese descent in your life, consider using this list of 20+ of the best Chinese New Year greetings


01Traditional CN : 新年快樂
Simplified CN : 新年快乐
EN : I wish you a Happy New Year

This is one of the most basic Chinese New Year greetings. It’s easy to learn and you will find that it’s a great way to impress people quickly.

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02Traditional CN : 大吉大利
Simplified CN : 大吉大利
EN : May you have good fortune in the months to come

The Chinese place great importance on fortune. Wishing someone good fortune is one of the best Chinese New Year greetings on every possible occasion, regardless of the person!

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03Traditional CN : 步步高升
Simplified CN : 步步高升
EN : May you always seize your opportunities and make the most out of them

In Chinese culture, will and determination are admirable qualities. If you wish these to someone, you are speaking from the heart and offering a very great wish!

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04Traditional CN : 年年有餘
Simplified CN : 年年有余
EN : I hope you get much more than you wish for

Everyone wants to achieve what they yearn for. Taking this basic wish to the next level makes for one of the best Chinese New Year greetings you can say to anyone!

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05Traditional CN : 喜氣洋洋
Simplified CN : 喜气洋洋
EN : May laughter and joy fill your life to the fullest

Positivity is always important. When you laugh, all the worries and problems seem much smaller and less significant. It’s a good wish people will love hearing from you!

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06Traditional CN : 恭喜發財
Simplified CN : 恭喜发财
EN : I wish you a year full of earnings and prosper in all fields of life

This is one of the most popular Chinese New Year greetings. It’s a great way to spread positive energy and let people know that you wish them all the best.

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07Traditional CN : 身體健康
Simplified CN : 身体健康
EN : I hope this year brings more health and happiness to you

Everything comes in second place to health. If you wish good health to someone, they will know that you wish everything else positive to them and their loved ones.

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08Traditional CN : 龍馬精神
Simplified CN : 龙马精神
EN : This year, I hope you have more energy than ever, as well as good health

Energy is important. No matter how much we want to achieve something, it’s all in vain we don’t have the vigor. Chinese people in your life will appreciate that you know this!

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09Traditional CN : 心想事成
Simplified CN : 心想事成
EN : May every wish of yours become reality this year

We all wish for something. However, it’s not all up to us. In many cases, there are many external factors that we can’t control. Accomplished goals mean good fate!

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10Traditional CN : 笑口常開
Simplified CN : 笑口常开
EN : I wish that happiness fills every part of your life, wherever you go

There is too much negativity in today’s world. Wishing happiness upon someone means we wish that they will be shielded from all negative things and factors.

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11Traditional CN : 出入平安
Simplified CN : 出入平安
EN : May the heavens protect you at every step, filling your life with peace and serenity

Many Chinese people are religious, so wishing divine protection upon them will leave a great impression. They will love to hear this from you!

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12Traditional CN : 萬事如意
Simplified CN : 万事如意
EN : I wish that everything goes as you hope it does

Wishes are important when entering the new year. Start it off the right way and shower those close to you by wishing them good fate!

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13Traditional CN : 青春常駐
Simplified CN : 青春常驻
EN : This year, may you have even more vigor and energy than ever

Unpleasant things in life can take a lot of our energy and drain us of the will to improve. Let others know that you want none of that to happen this year!

Designed by Tosaylib.


14Traditional CN : 和氣生財
Simplified CN : 和气生财
EN : May you earn more money than ever, with lots of harmony

Earning money is worthless if you can’t sleep peacefully. Wishing a combination of wealth and peace is one of the ideal Chinese New Year greetings.

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15Traditional CN : 聰明伶俐
Simplified CN : 聪明伶俐
EN : May you have wits and the mind to solve any problem (for kids and teens)

There are different Chinese New Year greetings for children, with most of them revolving around strength and wits. Surprise your friend’s kids with this wish!

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16Traditional CN : 快高長大
Simplified CN : 快高长大
EN : I hope you grow strong and tall. (for kids and teens)

Genetics is a weird field of science, so you never know how much someone will grow. This is a well wish that is appropriate for children of all ages.

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17Traditional CN : 學業進步
Simplified CN : 学业进步
EN : May your studies bring you the success and knowledge you’ve always yearned for

Education is important, and you should let people know that you agree by using a Chinese New Year greeting that speaks to its significance. People will look at you in a different light after this greeting!

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18Traditional CN : 生意興隆
Simplified CN : 生意兴隆
EN : I hope your business grows and prospers beyond imagination

Entrepreneurs need a lot of luck, aside from their determination. If a Chinese friend of yours owns a business, this is a great greeting.

Designed by Tosaylib.


19Traditional CN : 財源廣進
Simplified CN : 财源广进
EN : May you find lots of wealth at every point of your life

The important thing about wealth is consistency. Greet Chinese people close to you with a wish for a stable flow of money.

Designed by Tosaylib.


20Traditional CN : 吉星高照
Simplified CN : 吉星高照
EN : May a lucky star bless you at every point in life

Divine intervention is sometimes needed to help us accomplish everything we want. We all need our lucky star!

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21Traditional CN : 招財進寶
Simplified CN : 招财进宝
EN : I hope every treasure fills your home

A home is a center of every man’s life. Don’t hesitate to wish a warm and treasure-filled home and leave a lasting impression.

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22Traditional CN : 歲歲平安
Simplified CN : 岁岁平安
EN : Wishing you peace at every step this year

No benefit in life is good without peace and serenity. Combining this greeting with some of the other Chinese New Year greetings is a great way to show people you truly care for them!

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And last but not the least – permanent joy and happiness. When the Chinese New Year comes, everyone is ecstatic. Of course, you want your friends to stay happy and excited throughout the entire year.

Now that you know how many different Chinese New Year greetings are there, you can surprise the people you care for.

Practice the pronunciation and wait for the right moment to say them. You can also plan to start learning Mandarin or Cantonese and use some of the more complex Chinese New Year greetings.


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