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6 How to Ask for a Raise Email Templates to Get Your Point Across

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6 How to Ask for a Raise Email Templates to Get Your Point Across

Do you believe your salary is up to par with your accomplishments? If not, ask for what you think you deserve.

The best way to approach this problem is to write an email to your boss. Use one of these six how to ask for a raise email templates and get that well-deserved raise.


Cautions and tips when using How to ask for a raise email templates

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When looking for the right How to ask for a raise email template, you need to think of your goals first and foremost. What is your timeline? Are you staying with the company for a few years – can you ask for an incremental raise? Ideally, the number should be no less than 7% and no more than 20%.

Before you send an email, ask yourself – have I been in the company long enough to ask for a raise? Do you contribute enough to ask for a raise? What is the standard pay or salary for others in your area that hold the same position? Look your position up on PayScale for area-specific averages. Use this only as a reference, not to demand.

You can also modify your How to ask for a raise email template with future goals. Let your superior know about your specific goals and how you plan to contribute to the company in the near, or far, future.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to work. The best way to craft a How to ask for a raise email template is to make it seem like your raise is a win-win situation for both you and the company.


01A direct How to ask for a raise email template
Dear Mr./Mrs. [surname],
I have been with the company over the past [time period] and have made valuable contributions to the collective, as well as to many ongoing projects. In light of my performances, I would like to ask that my salary raise to [amount] per year.
This is according to the current average salary for [name of position] working in [name of area].
In the following section of this email, I would like to list some of my contributions over the last [time period]: (go on to list 5-10 accomplishments that highlight your contribution)
Best wishes,
[your name]
This How to ask for a raise email template is based on facts. Feel free to include links to show your boss the state in the industry and why you deserve a raise.


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02Requesting a pay raise meeting
Dear Mr./Mrs. [surname],
Given my stellar results and many contributions to our company during my time here, I would like to discuss increasing my salary/pay to [x] per year/per month. I believe this compensation would be appropriate for someone with my experience, proven track record and loyalty to the company.
If you are free to meet and discuss this in the next few days, I am happy to do so. Also, I look forward to any sort of input about how can I improve my performance to better tackle any future challenges.
Best regards,
[your name]
Sometimes, it’s best to use a simple How to ask for a raise email template to start the topic. Use the meeting to get your point across.


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03It’s been a long time since I had my last raise…
Dear Mr./Mrs. [surname],
As you know, I appreciate the faith you have in me and my capabilities. Even though I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have here, I am of the impression that my current salary doesn’t reflect either my experience level nor my many professional accomplishments.
The last time I received a change in salary was [date], so I would appreciate the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss a pay raise.
I wholeheartedly believe that my performance justifies an increase in salary, since my salary should be in accordance with [industry average, area average, recent accomplishments, project or something else].
I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
[your name]
In this template, you will be using several different arguments to get a pay raise. Be detailed, but also convincing and direct.


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04A template citing all the additional tasks and responsibilities
Dear [name],
I adore working for this company and as always, am looking forward to accomplishing new goals and reaching new heights. However, I wish to meet with you for a particular reason.
During the last/past [time period], I have taken on additional responsibilities and tasks, which have further improved my expertise and knowledge of [niche you’re working in].
Therefore, I am asking to meet with you to discuss a salary raise. Ever since [date of last raise], I have been committed to every challenge, and believe I deserve a pay raise in accordance with [industry standards, accomplishments or whatever reason].
Let me know about a suitable time and place.
Best regards,
[your name]
In some cases, tasks and responsibilities might pile up, but the salary stays the same. Use this email to urge them to review your position and salary.


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05If I earn more, I will be able to do more
Dear Mr./Mrs. [surname],
With this email, I would like to ask you for a performance review. Since we last met [time period since the last raise], I believe I have significantly improved my performance when handling [type of task or project]. With that in mind, I would like to discuss whether you feel like a raise would be in order, as it would be a catalyst for me to take on more complicated tasks, with your permission, of course.
Best wishes,
[your name]
The essential aspect of this How to ask for a raise email template is the list of accomplishments. Categorize them and separate them into sections for a cleaner look and more effectiveness.


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06Requesting a promotion and a raise at once
Dear [name],
In the last [time period] I have enjoyed being an integral part of the team and have enjoyed much success. As I grow more adept in our weekly and daily endeavors, I feel like I am ready for new challenges and new responsibilities. I have held this position for [time period], so my knowledge and experience has multiplied and become invaluable to me.
With this email, my intention is to request a meeting to discuss a promotion, along with a pay raise in compliance with the area averages for the given position. By giving me more responsibilities, the whole collective will benefit.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Don’t hesitate to show your accomplishments in this How to ask for a raise email template. Be confident and show them that you care about the company.


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Concluding thoughts

When using how to ask for a raise email templates, you have to be both polite and convincing. Find the middle ground between confidence and humility.

Never hesitate to ask for what you think you are worth. Even though the process might seem scary, there is a high chance that your boss will respect you even more.


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