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8 Impressive Answers to: Walk Me Through Your Resume

8 Impressive Answers to: Walk Me Through Your Resume

It’s a familiar moment for most of us, the moment where the interviewer looks at you and says: walk me through your resume. We’ve heard it before during various job interviews. Why do employers ask this question?

More often than not, your interviewer is coming from another meeting or activity and hasn’t had the chance to read through your resume. But some employers also want to get a sense of your communication abilities and confidence level.

What better way to do that, than ask you a vague question, about yourself? We’ll review eight model answers for ” walk me through your resume ” so you can be prepared next time you’re interviewed.


Tips for Answering the Age-Old Statement: Walk Me Through Your Resume

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You can almost always expect this question to be asked at some point during the interview process, so try to practice beforehand.
Better yet, try to practice all of the most common interview questions you can think of—preparing your answers in advance so you don’t get overly nervous about them.
This way, you won’t feel put on the spot during the interview. A few other tips include:
• Stay professional without adding too many personal, unnecessary details about your family, friends, etc.
• Don’t repeat what’s on your resume – share information they won’t find on there.
• Keep it brief and try your best not to ramble too much, even if you’re nervous.


How to Give an Answer and Why it Works


01Focus on the Most Important Points
Keep in mind, interviewers are typically busy people who have lots of other things to do. Try to keep your response to ” walk me through your resume ” short – around 1 – 3 minutes.
Don’t think a lengthy answer will be more impressive. Instead, stick to focusing on the most important points: your educational qualification, previous job experience, and any relevant strengths.
Why It Works:
The tactic of focusing on the most important points keeps your answer brief and to-the-point while also highlighting the most valuable information.
Employers will be thrilled at your ability to communicate exactly what they need in record time.


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02Speak Positively About Any Flaws in Your Resume
If you’re aware of any particular flaws in your resume, make sure you speak positively about them when the interviewer states: ‘walk me through your resume.’
They may ask you to further clarify specific points, such as a large gap in employment, but this is a good time to be open and honest in a positive manner.
Why It Works:
Most people have some sort of flaw on their resume. It happens to the best of us. Employers likely already know about the flaws in your resume, so answering with a positive acknowledgement of those flaws will put you in a better light.


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03Discuss Unique Skills or Areas of Expertise
When your interviewer says, ” walk me through your resume “, it’s a good idea to focus on what’s unique in terms of skills or areas of expertise.
Chances are, they’re speaking with a few people so you certainly want to stand out. This is a great time to talk about what makes you unique and different compared to other candidates.
Why It Works:
When you’re in an interview, you can expect the interviewer to have a few people lined up that day or week. They’ll be happy to find out exactly what makes you unique right away.


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04Talk About Your Goals Relating to the Role
Talk about any aspects of the positions highlighted on your resume, then move onto your future goals and how they relate to the role you’re applying for.
This makes a huge impact as you’re showcasing your commitment to the job you’re applying for in a more personal way.
Why It Works:
Employers want to know about your past, as well as your skill-sets and education, but they also want to know what makes you passionate about the job you’re applying for.
This answer gives them the best of both worlds.


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05Find Out How They Want You to Respond
This is a great tactic for responding to ” walk me through your resume “. You simply ask them what direction to go.
Do they want you to start from the beginning or focus on your most current roles/experience? Once they’ve let you know, you can respond from there.
Why It Works:
It seems incredibly simple, but most people don’t think to ask for further clarification.
This tactic lets you give the interviewer the information they need, instead of answering with what you think they want to know.


06Highlight Your Aspirations and Goals
The ” walk me through your resume ” moment allows you to highlight your aspirations and goals.
Every time you refer to a specific level or area of education, job, or another part of your resume, talk about why you chose that and how it relates to your aspirations and goals.
Why It Works:
All employers want to hire people who are passionate about their roles. Answering the question with a focus on your aspirations and goals reminds them that every step of your resume led you here.


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07Demonstrate an Understanding of the Firm’s Culture
Showcase how you’ll fit into the specific business culture of the firm you’re applying to.
For example, if you’re applying for a finance position, talk about areas of your resume that highlight your ability to work in high-pressure, fast-paced environments.
Why It Works:
This tactic allows your interviewer to gain an understanding of how you’ll fit into their workplace based on your previous experience—making it more likely to ensure you’re hired.


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08Discuss How the Job You’re Applying for is the Inevitable Next Step
Focus on the elements of your resume and how they’ve led you to the inevitable next step: this job.
Talk about how the experience/education you have prepares you for what the role you’re applying for requires.
Why It Works:
Interviewers want progress-focused, driven individuals when they’re looking for new employees.
If you talk about this role as the inevitable next step, they’ll understand you’re serious and motivated.


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” Walk me through your resume ” is a nerve-racking statement. But it’s one of the most important questions a potential employer will ask you during a job interview, so make sure you’re prepared.