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6 Samples: How to Decline a Job Offer Due to Salary Diplomatically

6 Samples: How to Decline a Job Offer Due to Salary Diplomatically

Isaac Newton said, ‘Tact is the art of making a point, without making an enemy.’ This is appropriate to keep in mind when you are considering how to decline a job due to salary disputes. Any financial discussion needs diplomacy and tact.

While the offered salary may not be what you think you deserve, you shouldn’t sever a relationship that, in the future, could be prosperous.

It is important to know your worth and professionally, that means, you know what you are worth monetarily. Do not shy away from declining a position because the pay is too low.

Instead, when you consider how to decline a job offer due to salary, consider whether the position may suit you in the future, if money isn’t a concern.


Dos and Don’ts When Writing an Email to Decline a Job Offer


01Ensure that rejecting the job offer is the best thing for you.
You need to deeply evaluate the job offer, decided whether the salary is something you can compromise on, if the position is worth it to your career.


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02Maintain a formal approach
Not knowing how to decline a job offer due to salary can result leave you wondering how professional or in depth you should be. Keep things professional and to the point.
Do not become informal, simply because you don’t want to work for them. It could come across as arrogant.


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03Do not make hasty decisions.
Request time to thoroughly think things through. Hasty decisions are more prone to fault. This also affects your general composure and the way you manage things in the end. Take your time, because then you will make sure you decline the job for the right reasons.


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04Be truthful
You should always keep your integrity and be truthful in rejecting a job. However, this does not mean you have to go into detail, keep it short.
Be gracious at the offer, but also be firm in why you have declined the job: you believe you are worth more.


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05Keep your bridges
As we have said earlier, you need to keep your bridges intact. You need to keep the relationship open to future prospects for doing business. While you have chosen not to work for them now, later if you – or they – transfer you may be. They could be a client at some point.
Most importantly, keep the matter confidential. If you speak about it with people, say it was a positive opportunity to interview within your career, but that, ultimately, you enjoy your current job enough to remain until you get a higher salary.


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Rejecting a job because of pay needs tact; you need to exercise professionalism, but also, self-preservation. Making a job change is a big deal, and your financial happiness will be one of the first determinants of your success.

How to Decline a Job Offer to HR Manager Directly


01Dear [Name of HR Manager],
I sincerely appreciate the job offer. Though it was not an easy decision to make, I have accepted another position from a different company.
I would like to be honest, the decision came down to salary and the company I have chosen to work for offered substantially more, for the same duties.
The opportunity to interview with you is one I am sincerely grateful for and hope that you do not see my decision as selfish. Your company has an incredible reputation and I hope, once I have paid off my debt, I will have the opportunity to meet with you again.
I wish you all the best and sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future.


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02Dear Sir /Madam,
Thank you for sending me the offer of employment. The fact that you consider me an adequate candidate for the role means so much to me.
Unfortunately, for reasons I am unable to share, I will not be able to take the job. I sincerely hope it has not severed our relationship. I hope we cross paths in the future.
Thank you very much once again. Words cannot capture how grateful I am. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and I hope we all get nothing but wins.


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Decline the offer to Headhunters


03To (the name of the firm)
I want to sincerely appreciate you contacting me with an offer for employment. Your organization’s transparency is appealing and yet, I regretfully will not be able to take the position.
have received a better offer, financially speaking, and while your reputation proceeds you, I have to decline.
Thank you once again


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04To (name of recruiter)
I cannot begin to mention how profoundly happy I am that a company with a reputation like (name of recruiter) selected me. I am grateful you have contacted me to offer me the position, however, I will not be able to take it because I received another offer. I sincerely hope you accept my apologies at having to decline your offer, and that it does not impact a future relationship


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While you have addressed the fact that you have accepted another offer due to salary, saying it so boldly is fine, because there was another offer. If you decline a job offer due to salary without an excuse of crazy debt, family obligations or a more competitive offer, it will not leave a great impression.

Emails to decline a job offer to Employers


05Dear Sir/Ma.
Work for you has to be one of the best experiences I’ve had. It has been a most enlightening time and experience building journey.
I would like to inform you that I have hopes to move my career forward, just as you were able to progress through your company over the years.
I appreciate your guidance and I’ve learned so much from you, which will forever stay with me. Though I am leaving, I will forever hold you in high regard.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,


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06Dear Sir/Ma.
One of the greatest qualities a leader can have is a good heart. I have seen this, and more, in you.
You are an ambitious person, a big thinker, and have an excellent personality. With your guidance, I now feel confident to move on and wish to inform you that I will be leaving the company.
I have received an offer from another company, and strongly believe that I should take this new step career-wise. I hope you support my decision, as I have always felt you would want what is good for me.
You mean more to me than just a boss – your mentorship will guide what I hope to be, a successful career.
Thanks a lot for what words cannot express.
Yours sincerely,


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These email templates are good because we have appealed to the good side of our employers. Every human being wants recognition, we just did that.

It is not necessary to mention the better salary unless of course, you are certain of your boss’s personality and their ability to not take offense.

There are subtle dynamics to every situation. Leaving somewhere on a bad note might in some cases affect your next employment. It is important to think carefully and be tactical to know how to decline job offers because of salary.