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35+ Laugh out Loud Funny Quotes about Men

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels – under CC0 license

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35+ Laugh out Loud Funny Quotes about Men

A lot of people love laugh-out-loud moments, and a lot more love it when ‘Men’ are the center of the joke. I don’t know why but it is always fun poking at them.

Probably because they know how to take a joke to a good extent than women, and you find out that men are the ones who usually come up with the best laugh out loud funny quotes about men themselves.

Below are some hilarious and funny quotes about men, take out time, read through and have some re-energizing, cringe-worthy, light-hearted and kick back laughs.


Funny quotes about men


01“Isn’t it funny how men keep using the phrase ‘boys will be boys’, when will they be men?”


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels – under CC0 license


02“Men are constant proof that women are good at baby-sitting.”


03“Men think they are wired with a GPS or Google maps.”


04“Everyone believes exercise helps you live longer; become a married man with no mother-in-law and you’ve got 10 extra years guaranteed.”


Photo by Rawpixels on Pexels – under Free license


05“I never used to love history until I got married. Now I am smart enough to remember my first kiss anniversary 2 weeks before my Golden Jubilee.”


06“I like the rhythm of a man’s deflated ego. The blurting sound it makes like a balloon giving off its air is just wonderful.”


07“I wonder why a man would believe that a woman belongs in the kitchen; that is where all the sharp objects are kept.”


Photo by Pexels on Pixabay – under CC0 license


08“Do laundry for a man and he is always grateful. Show him how to do it himself and he immediately becomes tearful.”


09“I had to become a married man to realize I can tell a lie by not talking. To understand the mystery in lying, keep your mouth shut.”


10“Laughter is a great medicine; the medicine becomes poison when the joke has something to do with your wife.”


Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels – under CC0 license


11“Women need makeup to be fake; men can be fake without extra help.”


12“When a man tells you he is going to meet his friend, Jack or Johnny. Be sure he is referring to a human being and not his liquor.”


13“Men can enjoy a lot of jokes, but when it comes to size and height they always stand to be corrected.”


Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash


14“What do you call a handsome, smart, faithful man who doesn’t lie? A dinosaur.”


15“If men planned for war with as much enthusiasm as they put into wooing a lady there would be no wars.”


16“When something bad happens and your husband starts smiling he has definitely found a way to not blame himself.”


Photo by mali maeder on Pexels – under CC0 license


17“Man 1: I admire you; you were the only guy to raise his hand today when the coordinator asked: “:who believes they have the best marriage ever? Man 2: The co-coordinator asking is my wife.”


18“Men are amazing creatures. They want to do in old age the same thing they were doing as boys.”


19“It should be easier to tame a dragon than tame a man.”


Photo by hotblack on – under Free Morguefile license


20“I wonder what makes a man happier; a beautiful wife or a beautiful car.”


21“At least women have just one period in a whole month when they just don’t want to act normal, what excuse do men have?”


22“During a wedding, I think it is ideal to give packs of aspirin to the bride as a gift.”


Photo by Concept Production on Pexels – under CC0 license


23“There are faithful men everywhere but here.”


24“Marriage is a good way of making a man look organized.”


25“The quickest way to make some men happy is booze and more booze.”


Photo by on Pexels – under Free license


26“There are some things that are a lot easier to do than finding a good man. Like eating spaghetti with a rubber spoon.”


27“If you want to drive your husband or boyfriend crazy; reduce your voice drastically when nagging.”


28“A man can embark on a hike of 10 miles, walk around in circles for 30 miles and still not admit he is lost.”


Photo by Fredrick Kearney Jr on Unsplash



29“Beside every married man are other married men looking at him with sympathy.”


30“Out of 10 men, you will always find 1 man who is as clueless about women as the other nine.”


31“Men say women like to be always right. Why is it so easy for them to take the comfort seat and always be wrong?”


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels – under CC0 license


32“Police: You have the right to remain silent……
Man: All the years I have been married I thought that was a must!”


33“9 of 10 men have ever thought of cheating on their wives, and the last one…he likes men.”


34“The quickest way to get a man to do something is to tell him he can’t do it.”


Photo by
rawp on Unsplash


35“Women are good at producing babies; men are good at being babies.”


36“A man’s way of expressing depression is through fighting.”



There you have them, different funny quotes about men, laughter they say is the best medicine so I hope you had a good laugh and if you didn’t you need to take a relaxation pill.


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