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95 Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socializing

95 Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socializing

As an ice-breaker, a game of “would you rather” is a way to get teens laughing and interacting with one another. It is a focused game in that each person is required to answer questions and be able to explain their answer.

Teens are notoriously awkward when it comes to social interaction which is why if you are hosting a teen gathering, you have to have planned activities to get them socializing.

Don’t play “would you rather” if you haven’t planned it beforehand. Have some questions written down to use in the beginning. Once the teens have loosened up a bit, you can get them to come up with some of their own “would you rather” quest.


Here are some “would you rather” samples for you to consider


01“Would you rather get the highest grades at school or be captain of a sports team?”


Photo by teodorandersson – under CC0 license


02“Would you rather be super popular and have many acquaintances or have a few close friends who have your back?”


Photo by Pixabay – under CC0 license


03“Would you prefer giving up access to the internet for a month or giving up eating junk food for a month?”


04“Would you rather be the star player on a losing team or warm the bench for a winning team?”


Image from– under CC0 license


05“Would you prefer working at an internet café or at an animal shelter?”


06“Would you rather have your mouth washed out with pepper or soap if you cursed at your parents?”


07“Would you prefer facing a swarm of locusts or a pit of snakes and spending an hour with them?”


Image from– under CC0 license


08“Would you rather tell your friend a white lie or tell them the truth knowing it would hurt them deeply?”



09“Would you rather live near a beach that is quiet or in a bustling city that is busy and noisy?”


10“If you participated in a talent show, would you prefer singing a song or performing a dance?”


Image from– under CC0 license


11“Would you rather walk around at school for a whole day with body odor or bad breath?”


12“Would you rather say a speech at an assembly in front of the whole school or spend two weeks cleaning classrooms after school?”


13“Would you prefer taking someone you don’t like to the prom or taking your cousin instead?”


Photo by Greyerbaby – under CC0 license


14“Would you rather be able to see into the future or read other people’s minds?”


15“Would you prefer being a lot shorter than your friends or a lot taller?”


16“Would you rather shower barefoot at the gym or walk barefoot across a patch of poison ivy?”


Image from– under CC0 license


17“Would you prefer your locker was a time travel machine or a portal to an alternate reality?”


18“Would you rather stay home and watch movies with friends or go and hang out at the mall with your friends?”


19“Would you rather live underwater for a year or in on a space station in outer space?”


Photo by CHANG TI FANG – under CC0 license


20“Would you prefer having the superpower of flying or making yourself invisible whenever you choose?”



21“Would you rather be a trophy on the arm of the most popular boy/girl at school or go out with someone who is not so popular but likes you for who you are?”


22“If you had to eat only one thing for an entire month, would you rather eat pizza or ice-cream?”


Photo by bruce mars – under Pexels license


23“Would you prefer having siblings who drive you crazy or being an only child who is lonely?”


24“If you had a fairy godmother, would you rather have only one wish that is granted immediately, or wait 10 years to have three wishes granted?”


25“Would you prefer being a character in the Hunger Games or a character in the Divergent series?”


Photo by Munmun Singh – under CC0 license


26“Would you rather go to school at Hogwarts or visit the Kingdom of Narnia?”


27“If you got to act in a movie, would you prefer playing the devious evil villain or the clean-cut, good-looking hero?”


28“Would you rather go without washing your hair for a month or washing your hands for a month?”


Photo by Burst – under CC0 license


29“Would you rather use a dirty restroom or a clean restroom that has snakes in it?”


30“Would you prefer being the center of conversation for the school gossip or have no one talk about you at all?”


31“Would you rather be the richest person in the room but unattractive or the poorest person in the room but attractive?”


Image from– under CC0 license


32“Would you rather come up with ways to end world hunger or ways to start the process of securing world peace?”


33“Would you prefer having dog’s ears that point up every time you hear something or a dog’s tail that wags every time you get excited?”



34“When it comes to relationships ending, would you prefer geting even with your ex or getting over him/her?”


Photo by Takmeomeo – under CC0 license


35“Would you prefer living for a year without watching TV or a year without listening to music?”


36“Would you rather give up cellphone privileges for a month or not watch TV for a month?”


37“Would you prefer the whole school knew who your crush is or having it stay a secret that is never revealed to anyone?”


Image from Pxhere – under CC0 license


38“If you had a choice would you rather befriend a mermaid or a unicorn?”


39“During a conversation, would you rather be able to only shout or only whisper instead of talking?”


40“Would you prefer giving up seeing your pet or having access to your cell phone for a whole month?”


Image from– under CC0 license


41“Would you rather spend an entire night locked up in a museum or locked up in a library?”


42“Would you prefer always being 20 minutes early for everything or 20 minutes late for everything?”


43“Would you prefer being stuck in the North Pole during a snowstorm or in the jungle during a heatwave?”


Photo by Hans – under CC0 license


44“Would you rather walk backward for a whole day or crawl on your hands and knees for a whole day?”


45“If you were chosen to be a contestant, would you prefer participating in Survivor or Fear Factor?”



46“If you ever happen to wake up grouchy, would you rather have tea or coffee?”


Photo by jill111– under CC0 license


47“If you planned to retire before the age of 30, would you prefer being a musician or an actor?”


48“If you were to watch a movie with a new crush, would you prefer watching comedy or a horror film?”


49“Would you rather date a person with blue eyes or a person with brown eyes?”


Photo by crishahlbeck– under CC0 license


50“Would you prefer living alone and being rich or living with your family or friends and not being rich?”


51“If you were going to work, would you rather go with a briefcase or with a satchel?”


52“Would you rather work against global warming or work against world hunger?”


Photo by billycm – under CC0 license


53“If you got married and you were to choose, would you rather have only female kids or have only male kids?”


54“If you were to decide, would you prefer living with your father or your mother?”


55“If you could time travel, would you prefer going 20 years into the past or 20 years into the future?”


Photo by sunawang – under CC0 license


56“If you were to choose would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?”


57“If you were attacked by a lot of little insects, would you prefer being attacked by a swarm of bees or by 50 mosquitoes?”



58“If you were to live in a place with an extreme climate, would you rather live is a very hot place or a very cold place?”


Photo by Pezibear– under CC0 license


59“If you could eliminate one sport, would you prefer baseball or basketball?”


60“Reflecting back to your childhood which imaginary being do you wish was real, tooth fairies or pixies?”


61“If you were to pick a dance class, would rather go for salsa or tango?”


Photo by werner22brigitte – under CC0 license


62“If you could often be correct, just to tell someone “I told you so”, would you prefer they are your parents or your friends?”


63“If you were to choose, would you rather living the rest of your life with the makeup of a clown on your face or getting shorter – half your present height?”


64“If you could be a Disney villain would you rather be the wicked witch/wizard or the head of the 40 thieves?”


Photo by billyferguson – under CC0 license


65“If you could be really famous would you prefer missing your privacy or missing your real friends?”


66“If you were to pick which would you rather not grow, nails or hair?”


67“If you could grow something, would you prefer having long elf ears or long fingers?”


Photo by Victoria_Borodinova – under CC0 license


68“Would you rather believe that aliens exist or that animals could speak?”


69“If you could go back in time, which ancient technology would you rather had invented; the telephone or electricity?”



70“If you were to pick, would you rather have to jump instead of walking or sing instead of speaking for a whole month?”


Photo by HanySadek – under CC0 license


71“If you could have a superpower would you prefer having an incredible speed or incredible strength?”


72“Would you prefer having to snort anytime you laugh and giggle or snoring anytime you sleep and nap?”


73“If you could change some things in your life, would you rather change your past or your future?”


Photo by geralt – under CC0 license


74“If you could clone yourself, would you keep your gender the same or change it to the opposite?”


75“If you could live someone else’s life for a day, would you prefer living as a famous musician or living as the president?”


76“If you could shapeshift, would you rather live as a lion or as a bird?”


Image from– under CC0 license


77“If you were on a strict weight loss program would you prefer staying off burgers or stay off fries?”


78“If you were to prank someone and needed to wear a mask, would you rather wear a face of The Joker or James Bond?”


79“If you were in a dare competition, would you rather eat a large bar of butter or drink a bottle of vinegar?”


Photo by congerdesign – under CC0 license


80“If you could have a talking pet, would you prefer a dog or a cat?”


81“If you were to pick a humanitarian act, would you rather serve in the military or travel to a third world country and help the needy there?”


82“If you were stuck playing an activity all day, would you rather pick bowling or skating?”


Photo by skeeze – under CC0 license


83“If your life could be played as a movie to all your friends would you rather have it start from 10 years ago or from your childhood days ?”


84“If you could build an app, would you rather build an app that can make any food you want just once a day or build an app that can play any movie you want just once a day?”



85“If you were to stay away from work for a year and still get paid, would you prefer spending your whole time relaxing or spending it working another job?”


Photo by Free-Photos – under CC0 license


86“If you were to pick, would you prefer giving a speech in front of a large crowd unprepared or telling a joke unprepared?”


87“If you could pick a permanent hairstyle for yourself, would you prefer having locks or going bald?”


88“If all you could eat strictly candy bars for a whole day, would you rather have kit-kat or snickers?”


Photo by Lernestorod– under CC0 license


89“If you could stay off one technology, would you rather stay off the television or the internet?”


90“If you were married with kids and could hack into someone’s computer, would you prefer hacking your kid’s computer or your partner’s?”


91“If you could change worlds, would you rather have a world with magic in it or a world with no value for money?”


Photo by RogerMayhem – under CC0 license


92“Would you prefer staying for a month without a bath or staying for a month without seeing any human around you?”


93“If you could master a musical instrument overnight would you prefer mastering the violin or the guitar?”


94“If you could remain a particular age forever, would you rather be 18 or 30?”


Image from – under CC0 / Public Domain license


95“If you were asked to pick an accent you want, would you prefer picking an English accent or a French accent?”