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40+ Best Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

40+ Best Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

The best kind of relationship is one where you are both open and honest with each other. You should be able to ask your girlfriend any question, especially romantic ones, without feeling awkward or anxious.

Asking your girlfriend romantic questions comes in handy when you’ve been together a while and have talked about pretty much everything.

 Here are 40+ romantic questions to ask your girlfriend at any stage of your relationship to keep things fresh and interesting.


Romantic questions about the future

Nothing screams romance to a woman like a guy who is interested in a future with her. A man who cares about her dreams and goals is one with whom she can consider building that future.
Have a look at these romantic questions to ask your girlfriend and take your pick.

01“What does your dream wedding look like?”
Even if you haven’t popped the question, asking her this will show her that you are interested in the idea. You can both daydream about your wedding, and plan for the future.


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02“What is your idea of a romantic honeymoon destination?”
You can ask this with the intention of discussing a specific place, like Turks and Caicos or Paris, or particular features, like Bora Bora Island, an island paradise with pristine beaches or a picturesque landscape.
You can use this question to plan ahead for a romantic surprise, too.


03“Where do you see us in 10 years?”
Having goals in a relationship is important, and asking her this will let reveal how seriously she takes the relationship.
As it relates to romance, this question will spark a dreamy conversation about the future and what you want to accomplish together.


04“How many kids do you want to have?”
This inquiry lets her know that you are interested in having kids with her, which is a huge commitment.


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05“Would you want to meet my parents?”
If you guys haven’t met each other’s parents yet, this question shows that you want to take the relationship to the next level.


06“What do you want to do on Valentine’s day?”
This line of questioning shows that you are planning ahead and that you care about making her feel loved and special.


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07“What is a relationship deal-breaker for you?”
The answer to this one will let you know what not to do if you want your relationship to have a future.


08“What does your ideal retirement look like?”
Once you have her answer, you can plan for it and work to make her dreams come true.


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09“Would you do a time capsule for our grandkids?”
A time capsule is a container that you bury in the ground for people to open in the future. This is a romantic suggestion because you will be leaving behind a piece of your relationship for your grandkids to explore.


Questions to ask your girlfriend about her preferences

Asking your girlfriend her thoughts on certain topics, or her likes and dislikes can help you out a lot in your relationship.
Here are 15+ romantic questions to ask your girlfriend.

10“What is your idea of the perfect date?”
This is one of the best romantic questions to ask your girlfriend because it can help you to plan a surprise date that she will love. Asking this shows that you are paying attention to what she likes.


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11“What is our song?”
Believe it or not, every girl has that special song that she associates with her partner. This means that whenever it comes on, she immediately begins to think about you and the relationship you share.
This is among the most romantic questions to ask your girlfriend because she will begin to explain why that song reminds her of you.
You can even play the song at that moment to feel closer to her and create a new memory between the two of you.


12“How would you define love?”
This question can be used before you say, I love you for the first time, and even if she already knows that you do. When she gives you her definition, you can use that, or add onto it to profess your love in a very romantic way.


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13“What did you think when you first saw me?”
If the two of you had a good first encounter, you could ask this question to revisit the feelings you had when you first met each other.


14“Do you believe in soulmates?”
This question implies that you believe that she is your soulmate. Asking at the right time and place, such as on a romantic date, is very important to creating an atmosphere that will support this question.



15“What is your favorite thing about our relationship?”
As we already mentioned, being open and honest is important in a healthy relationship. While you might criticize each other occasionally, it’s important to highlight the things you love about the other person.
This question allows both of you to reflect on what makes the relationship you share strong. This can even lead to ways to make it stronger.


16“What made you fall for me?”
The answer will let you know what qualities your girlfriend admires in you. You can follow this up by telling her what made you fall in love with her.


17“Which of my nicknames for you is your favorite?”
You might call her babe, princess, honey, or darling, but do you know which one makes her feel super special?
This is among the most romantic questions to ask your girlfriend because you can find out what she likes and dislikes. Just don’t overdo it when you get the answer because it could get annoying.


18“How did our first kiss make you feel?”
If it was a good first kiss, asking her this question will be romantic because her mind will rewind to that time, and the feelings will come rushing back to her.
You could even volunteer to recreate that first kiss for her after she describes it. Double-win.


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19“What is one thing I do that you will never get tired of?”
If you like hearing about yourself, then this question will be super romantic since she will talk about your good qualities.


20“What is your favorite memory of us?”
Reflecting on intimate moments you shared with each other is always romantic. It allows you to feel close to each other and will remind you of why you love each other so deeply.



21“What turns you on the most?”
This is an excellent question to ask because the answer will allow you to focus on doing the right things to get her in the mood. Maybe it’s lighting candles, running her a bubble bath, or spreading roses on the floor.


22“Do I make you happy?”
This question shows that you care about her feelings and her wellbeing.


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23“How can I be a better man for you?”
Nothing shows commitment like a man who is willing to improve himself for the woman he loves. It shows that you want to be the best boyfriend that you can be, at any cost.


24“Are anniversaries important to you?”
This answer should give you an idea of what to do on your actual anniversary to make her feel special, or what not to do so that she doesn’t feel awkward or annoyed.


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25“What is your biggest fear in this relationship?”
This might sound like a scary question to ask, but your response to her answer is what will make it romantic. Confused? Okay, say her biggest fear is you dying, or leaving her for someone else.
You could follow that up by convincing her you’ll always be with her, which will comfort her and make her more confident about the relationship.


26“What would be the perfect gift for you?”
This is a perfect question to ask your girlfriend, especially if she is picky. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to make her happy, and wish to give her exactly what she wants.



Questions about what could happen at any moment

Romantic questions don’t have to be based on the past, present, or future. They can also be imaginary scenarios. The responses to these questions teach you a lot about your partner.
Here are 10+ ‘what if’ romantic questions to ask your girlfriend.

27“If the world was going to end tomorrow, how would you make our last day together memorable?”
Her answer will let you know how important certain things are to her.


28“If you found out you were pregnant right now, how would you react?”
This can be a romantic question to ask after you have been together for a year or more. Her response will let you know if she is interested in starting a family with you now or even in the future.


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29“If you could choose one romantic movie for us to star in, which would it be?”
Here, you will get a chance to find out what movie couple she likens your relationship to. Maybe it’s The Notebook, Titanic, or Before Sunrise.
You can both fantasize about the situations those characters got themselves into, and you can tweak the fantasy to your own liking.


30“Would you kiss me if people were around?”
Not everyone likes PDA, but it really shouldn’t matter if she is in love with you. A yes answer shows that she is proud to be with you and is not afraid to let anyone see her being affectionate toward you.



31“If I had to move halfway across the world, would you come with me?”
This question gives her a chance to demonstrate her commitment and dedication to you, and the lengths she would go to so that you guys could be together.


32“If the house was on fire, what three things would you save?”
Now, in your home, there may be several memorabilia from your time as a couple. Her answer will show what matters to her the most.


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33“If I could only make you one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
With this inquiry, you will discover which meal she thinks you do best, and you can make it for her more often.


34“If we won the lottery, what would we do with the money?”
With money, you guys could pretty much do anything you wanted. This question lets her talk about her dreams, such as cars, vacations, homes, and experiences that she would like to have and share with you.


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35“If there was only one [her favorite food] left, would you share it with me?”
This question is a little silly, but it will let you know how much she cares about you. After all, what’s hers is yours, and what’s yours is hers, right?


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36“Would you still love me if I looked different?”
This is a deep question, and the answer will let you know what she values about you outside of your appearance, such as your personality or talents.


37“If you could correct one of my flaws, what would you fix?”
With this question, you will find out what she doesn’t like about you. She might flip it on you and let you know that she loves you just the way you are.


Random romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Here are a few more romantic questions to ask your girlfriend.

38“What three words would you use to describe me or our relationship?”
With this question, you will get to find out what she really thinks about you and the relationship.


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39“Guess what I like about you the most?”
This is romantic because if she’s wrong, you can elaborate on what makes her an amazing girlfriend.


40“Do you think it’s possible to be too in love with someone?”
This implies that you are madly in love with your girlfriend.



41“How much do you think I love you?”
This is a trick question because she can never possibly know. When she answers, you will create a romantic moment by telling her how much you really love her.


42“Do you prefer a passionate kiss or a long warm hug?”
This is also sort of a trick question, and it can lead up to a romantic move. Whichever one she chooses, do it as soon as she answers to create a moment or romance between the two of you.


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The best part about these romantic questions to ask your girlfriend is that you can ask them both via text and in-person. Which question will you be asking your girlfriend first?