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40 Ultimate Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

40 Ultimate Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

We have all experienced that awkward moment when someone calls you ugly, as though they have the right to make comments about your looks.

It’s amazing how they have time to go through the mental rigor of spewing out their pointless ideas, regardless of the cost.

So, what do you do when someone calls you ugly? First, know that nobody can hurt your feelings unless you allow them! This means your happiness is entirely up to you.

Be that as it may, when you find yourself in such a situation, here are ideas of what to say to give them something to consider!


Comebacks for when a guy calls you ugly


01“It is rather unfortunate to have someone like you talk to me, but then bad things do happen to good people.”


01 Full portrait photo of a woman sitting on the ground looking serious
Photo by Vivek Baghel on Unsplash


02“If your heart was half as cute as my face, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. So I suggest you suck it up and stop being a brat!”


03“If people like you qualified for what people call ‘handsome’ trust me, the earth will be filled with single ladies.”


04“That makes two of us, because I was thinking the same thing when I saw your scummy face coming towards me. Fortunately, my mouth is leaking like yours.”


04 Photo of a lady looking back with a serious look on her face

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


05“I would rather have an ugly face than a heart as bitter as yours.”


06“Yes, you may be right but then again, I like who I am – but what do we call people like you who go about talking trash? A trash can.”


07“Someone once told me people who say hurtful things have mental issues, please see a therapist at once and have your brain evaluated before it goes out of hand.”


07 Photo of two men having a conversation

Photo by Nappy on Pexels under CC0 license


08“Oh really? I am sure you also think the sky is green today; you are going blind my friend, go get a pair of glasses.”


09“Did someone just tip over a trash can or are you just spewing out stupidity? Please go find someone else to irritate, I am off your radar.



10“I honestly don’t have time to exchange words with people who go around with a huge sign saying ‘I have a dirty mouth’.”


10 Photo of a woman wearing black jacket looking pissed
Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplah


11“I can’t spend a second allowing people like you to get to me. I am up there making life meaningful and you are just down there doing what losers do.”


12“Thanks for your opinion; I will keep that in mind for when I want to remember what useless people say in their spare time!”


13“I would give you a befitting response, but my mom taught me to pity the less privileged – I am so sorry for you.”


13 Picture of a homeless person

Photo by Steve Knutson on Unsplash


14“Wow, they grow up so fast, little Billy the dumb-ass, all grown up and still the dumb-ass.”


15“Here I was waiting to hear what brilliant thing someone like you would say, but if this is all you got then you really are doomed.”


16“I could let what you’ve just said ruin my day but then again, when my dog barks, I give him a bone, so find a bone to feed on, you need it.”


16 Photo of a barking dog

Photo by Robert Gramner on Unsplash


17“Do you think I care what a rude person like you has to say about my looks? No, I don’t.”


18“Yes I may be ugly to you but I am worth more to myself than all the glowing stars in the sky and with a mouth like yours, you are definitely worth less than a pile of dung, believe that!”


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19“Wow, and you are the perfect definition for the word “lousy”. If your mama knew you would grow into this, she would have opted for prevention.”


19 Photo of contraceptive pills
Photo by Simone van der Koelen on Unsplash


20“When someone calls you ugly you would think they would be the exact opposite. But you are even uglier.”


Comebacks for when a girl calls you ugly


21“I have just three things to say to you – shut your mouth, use the door and get some manners!”


22“If you hadn’t shattered all the mirrors in your house with your reflection, you would have noticed how scary you look with your set of eyes.”


22 Photo of a shattered glass

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash


23“My dad once told me when someone calls you ugly, it’s just their mouth allowing out all the venom bottled inside their soul, sorry for you.”


24“I guess this is the part where I give you my response. Sorry, no time for fools today, try someone else.”


25“I would rather be called ugly with my natural looks than be called beautiful with a plastic surgery disaster like you.”


25 Photo of a guy with glasses with a lost stare

Photo by Joshua Oluwagbemiga on Unsplash


26“I totally understand, it’s my shirt, whenever I put this shirt on I come across stupid people. So I am not surprised you are talking to me.”


27“That’s the exact reason I tell people to keep getting their eyes tested, you never know when you are going blind.”


28“Oh, you just spoke? Give me a minute, let me search through my heart to see what that just meant to me … Absolutely nothing!”


28 Picture of a monkey scratching head

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels under CC0 license


29“Rather than stooping low to having arguments with people like you, I’d like to walk my dog now.”


30“I always used to wonder why people were so mean, but I’ve grown and realized that some people are just empty inside, like you.”


31“A round of applause goes to you for giving me a piece of totally useless information. Remind me that you are on my list of unimportant things when next we meet.”


31 Photo of a crowd cheering and applauding

Photo by Coco Championship on Pexels under CC0 license


32“It’s strange how someone with such an unattractive personality can call someone else ugly, are you lost? Get a mirror sis.”



33“I honestly appreciate your lame comment, but I would pick an ugly face over a shallow personality any day.”


34“Is that the best you’ve got? Walking up to me looking like a chimpanzee overdosed on booze, you’ve got some nerve!”


34 Portrait photo of a chimpanzee
Photo by Ghost Presenter on Unsplash


35“If you think I am ugly then your thoughts need to be rearranged. I am beautiful and I am proud!”


36“They say animals can’t speak but yet here you are, with the looks of a horse and the voice of a human, how strange!”


37“While I appreciate you have the ability to say anything, but life would be a lot nicer if people like you took the honors of remaining quiet and allowing smart people speak.”


37 Man speaking in public

Photo by Ronbinson26 on Pixabay under CC0 license


38“Thanks, but you should be more worried about your breath, you started talking and boom! Rotten eggs all the way!”


39“I suppose that is a compliment coming from you, since it appears you are the queen of “ugliness”, if only in personality!”


40“Are you kidding me right now, did you just call me ugly with a face like yours? Is there a hidden camera somewhere?”


40 Photo of security cameras

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels under CC0 license



So there you have it guys, when someone calls you ugly, don’t be caught off guard, let them know they can’t steal your day.

Don’t allow room for any bad air within or around you. Nasty people have a habit of trying to make other people’s day gloomy but remember it’s your life, not theirs!