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25+ Great Ideas for How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

25+ Great Ideas for How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

Congratulations on finally get that girl’s number. That must have been nerve-wracking. Now that you have her number, you can text her and let her get to know you. Before you start overthinking, take a look at this list of 25 great ideas for how to start a text conversation with a girl.


How to start a text conversation with a girl you met at school or work

When you get a girl’s number at school or work, it is a bit easier to find a topic to talk about or initiate a conversation with her because you both already have something in common.
Here are 9 ideas for how to start a text conversation with a girl you met at school or work.

01Say ‘hi’
Sometimes, it’s just as simple as saying ‘hi,’ ‘hey,’ or ‘hello.’ You don’t have to overthink your approach, and the conversation may begin to flow naturally.


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02Ask her about her day
This is a good opening line because the question is an easy one to answer, and you can easily find other things to ask her to elaborate on, thus keeping the conversation going. If you’re lucky, she may even ask you about your day.


03Mention something that happened
If a memorable event occurred recently, such as a fire drill or a test, you could use that as a way to break the ice and start a conversation.
You could ask her what she thought about said event, or you can comment on what happened.



04Ask her about a future event
If an office or school trip is coming up, you can use the planned gathering as a way to initiate a conversation by asking her if she will be attending or how she feels about it.


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05Ask about her classes, clients, or colleagues
If you don’t want to seem too forward, you can talk about a general subject like her classes, clients, or your shared colleagues.
This is an excellent way to start the conversation. She is likely to have lots to say about the people and projects with whom she spends her time.


06Send her a funny meme or video
If you’re looking for an easy way to get the conversation started on a light-hearted note, this is a fun strategy. Just make sure that whatever you send is actually funny.


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07Ask her how long she’s been working or going to school at your shared organization
If she is a long-time employee or a student who has studied longer than you have, ask her how long she’s been there.
This is a compelling conversation starter because it opens up the conversation for you to then ask about her experiences on the whole, and maybe even for some tips.


08Ask about her plans for the weekend
Asking her about her plans for the weekend is a classic conversation starter that makes your interest in her very clear.
This approach allows you to get an idea of her personal interests and can even lead to an invitation to spend some time together.



09Ask about homework or a project
If you are both working on similar projects or homework, this can be used to start a great conversation.
You can be productive and get to know her at the same time. This particular opening can also be a great excuse to meet up and discuss your shared work further.


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10Compliment her
Compliments make for fabulous conversation starters; however, they can easily be off-putting if misused. For this approach, the compliment should be work or school-related and not necessarily about physical features.
You can compliment her performance during a particular presentation, the way she handled a difficult situation with a colleague or client, or even a creative idea she pitched.
These are respectful ways to demonstrate that you value her input.


How to start a text conversation with a girl you met through friends

If you are wondering about how to start a text conversation with a girl you met through friends, then take a look at these 8 conversation starters.

11Mention plans with other friends
If she is a part of your same social circle, you can mention a group outing. For example, ‘a few of us are going to see that new Spiderman movie, wanna tag along?’
This is an excellent way to start a conversation because it draws her attention to your shared friends, and offers you a variety of avenues to continue the conversation long after you’ve finalized your plans.


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12Send an emoji
Depending on how you met, you can send a funny or flirty emoji. This is an easy option because you don’t have to put much thought into it. A waving or smile emoji can work just fine.


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13Pick up where you left off on the conversation
If you guys were already talking when you met but the conversation got cut short, you can use this as a way to start the text conversation.
This is one of the best tactics for chatting up a girl because you already have a thread of discussion going.


14Joke about how you were introduced to each other
If your friend introduced you guys, this is a great way to start the conversation. You can say something like ‘Danny is so crazy’ or ‘I can’t believe Nicole did that.’



15Talk about your mutual friend
If your friend introduced you two, you could start the chat string by commenting on how she met your mutual friend. Use that little glimpse of history to propel the conversation.


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16Compliment her
If you met her through mutual friends, you could compliment her physical appearance. Try saying something like ‘your hair looked great today’ or ‘I love that selfie you posted on Instagram.’
Compliments clearly show that you have an interest in her.


17Send a text ‘by accident’
Send her a random text like ‘yeah it’s in the freezer’ or ‘I’ll let you know by Friday,’ then pretend you sent it to her by accident.
This works because you can follow up with ‘so what are you up to?’ to get the conversation started.


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18Talk about what you did after you met
If you met last night, you could say something like ‘you won’t believe what happened after you left’ or ‘guess what happened this morning.’
Sparking her curiosity will encourage her to ask questions and draw out the conversation.


How to start a text conversation with a girl you met while at a bar, supermarket, etc.


19Ask her if she got home alright
After getting her number, demonstrate that you have a mind to her well-being by asking if she got home alright. This works exceptionally well after an evening out at the bar.


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20Nice meeting you today’
A straightforward approach is sometimes the best. Simply letting her know that you were happy to have met her could be all that’s required to get a deep and meaningful conversation going.
As a bonus, this angle lets her respond to you in a way that makes her interest—or lack thereof—pretty clear.


21Ask her if she frequents the location at which you met
If you met her at a coffee shop, bar, or the gym, you could begin the conversation by asking if she’s a frequent patron of the establishment.
You can strike up a discussion and find out if you’re likely to see her again, and it can be a default meet up spot when you two become more acquainted.


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22Talk about the weather
Talking about the weather is one of the most popular icebreakers there is, and it can be used in just about any situation.
Saying something like ‘it sure was hot today,’ or ‘it doesn’t seem like this rain is going to let up anytime soon,’ will cause her to comment on what you just said. Instant conversation starter.


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23Mention something that you noticed at the place you met
This does not have to be something extravagant or over the top. Your observation can be as simple as there being a new bartender or the register being down at the supermarket.
As long as it is something she can comment on, it will serve its purpose as a conversational trigger.



24Invite her to try something new
Inviting, in this context, doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to go out and try that new thing with you. Suggesting so might be off-putting. Instead, try suggesting she try something new independently.
If you met her at the gym, you could suggest that she try a yoga class with the new instructor. Make the recommendation and explain why it is a good idea. If you ran into her at a juice bar, maybe you suggest she try the newest flavor.
This method can work well because it encourages questions and follow up, while at the same time, demonstrating that you’re a unique personality.


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25Comment on her profile or display picture
If you are using an app like WhatsApp or iMessage, you will be able to see her profile picture. If she has a dog as her picture, you can ask her if it belongs to her.
If the image is of her in a specific location, you could ask her where she took it or mention that you have been there before.


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26Ask if you will be seeing her again soon
This text is a bit more forward and flirtier than the others, but if you’re courageous enough to give it a shot, it will efficiently uncover whether she’s at all into you or not.



The first step in how to start a conversation with a girl over text is confidence. She doesn’t have to know that you are drowning in sweat.

By being confident, you are more likely to catch her interest and keep the conversation going. Just be sure you pick the right text for the right situation.